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"One More Time" is not the only unique one. "Crystal 52" keeps the pop substructure, and this time appends more ska for your dancing pleasure. Inter-mixed in a few more punk riffs, this song leaves you, at times, to just madly dance, then suddenly, moments to bounce around. All-of-a-sudden you'll get scared of the impulse to bounce off walls, before promptly, you jump right back into your dance. This pattern as followed by you, so does the song plays along. As it does so, you won't be able to resist a hook or line.

Just when you think you can't take anymore, at these times the pop-ska will get superfluous, and gaffe another alluring hook, verse, or chorus your way, and you'll be re-charged and prepared for more. Such is the case with "I'm Not The Type". Just when the verses feel boring, the pop-punk chorus bangs up against your chest, and knocks the wind out of you until you regain awareness and are ready for more music. The song will really mature for you, as this occurs a few times and become one of your favorites.

"Like A Dog" is a pleasing acoustic number that lives inside every other song with the same pop infection. Perhaps, the best track on this CD, it has the adumbrate feeling combined with the enticing hooks makes it a song that you'll will always like to listen. Jeffries Fan Club proves they've got the capability to write appealing pop songs about girls, love, and girls. Everything, being tried before, but they add their own touch to the charted waters and emerge on the top. They have quickly established themselves above the average pop-ska act.
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Formed in the late 1990s, Jeffries Fan Club is a Third-wave ska band and a pop-ska act from Southern California, who are able to gear up and conduct well-written, highly trenchant pop hooks, danceable melodies that connect to the listener and never let go. They have to elevated to mature, both in structure and expressive style, on their second full-length, at the same time, kept the pop spirit erogenous and mobile.

For instance, to start off with some blasting horns admist around the upbeat song"One More Time" fusillades into a heavy range of pop-ska. The song takes on a new shape as the vocals step in. Not as much punk charge to it, on a lighter vein, you'll be bancing, bopping, jutting and shaking, to have a terrific time. This is not where it ends, as they want to have your unshared attention. So, when the chorus hits you'll be floored, transiting into power-pop, and your heart beats much faster. The noesis of the chorus is so powerful, that you'll sing along with it for hours, once the song is over. You'll turn right back to the song for another dose, as without the music you'll be impelled to go nuts.
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