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Jeff Bates's second album 'Leave the Light On' carried forward the tone he had set during the first album. "The Woman He Walked On," the emotional "No Shame"—and especially "One Second Chance," an ex-con's plea for forgiveness are some of the numbers which stirred the souls of his fan. His second album can be described as seductive, passionately romantic, charmingly witty which deals in human emotions. He says that his purpose is to make music that matters to people, which makes them laugh, cry, touch and happy. During his concerts he not only performs his own songs but also his favorite singers Conway Twitty and Elvis Presley's hit songs. I'd Love To Lay You Down", "Slow Hand" , "Jailhouse Rock" and "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On"are just few of the songs he likes to perform.

Rainbow Man ( 2003)
Leave the Light On (2006)
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Jeff Bates,country singer from Bunker Hill, Mississippi was adopted by his parents when he was just 3 months old. Of his past, he says that he did not have much, but had a great daddy and mama. He got his characteristic vocal tone by singing in church and local talent shows. He impressed everybody right at the age of 17 with his voice and obstinate work ethics. He soon worked his way up through the local circuit and reached Nashville. As he was moving forward in the local musical scene, his addiction to methamphetamine was pulling him down. The addiction estranged him from his loved ones and finally he was jailed for a short period. Jail was the turning point, he realized his mistake and decided to move on.

After he became clean, opportunities again started knocking at his door. In 2002 he auditioned for RCA Records and in 2003 he released his debut album 'Rainbow Man'. The album was well received and was on Top 20 hit. In this album he tells about his life and experiences. "The Love Song," "Long, Slow Kisses" and "I Wanna Make You Cry" were the hit singles from that album.
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