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Background- Jazz Attack offers the platform to young budding talents of the country, in a positive and encouraging manner.

The performers and the audiences totally submit themselves in the world of Jazz. Jazz Attack introduces an unique style by merging the techniques of jazz and rock performances, with painless improvisation for both the experienced players as well as the beginners. Jazz Attack is supervised by Keith Norris and by his dedicated team members who tries in their endeavor to provide a strong footing for music studies in schools and colleges, in the present times. Pulling out all their experiences as performers and as teachers, these team of dedicated professionals teaches the young musicians regarding all the different aspects of jazz aspect- the styles, creativity, performance, composition and listening.

Jazz Attack produces a 3 jazz bands and the customs of this band differs from one another. Custom variations include: 3 to 6 pieces, custom musical arrangements and vocalists can also be added. The Attack has branched out of the Voice Of The North Jazz Orchestra and displays eighteen top musicians who join Jazz Attack, from across the north of England. All the performances are directed by Dave Connolly. He brings in the enchanting and melodious arrangements of big band classics such as "Skin Deep" and "In The Mood". He also incorporates some of the popular and familiar themes from TV & film, so that the children can recognize them and easily play them. In one of the show of Jazz Attack, the famous musician Dave Brock illustrates how to empty a trombone slide much to the delight of his audience. These famous musicians not only perform in the show but also give detailed explanation of all the individual instruments that generally make up a big band.
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For many years the music teachers have been using music from the TV, so they can teach the children the classical music as contrast to the way music is generally used. In the same way, the concert also feature the big bands playing all the pieces related to jazz, thus introducing the repertoire of the big band. The concert aims to give the young, talented musicians and its pupils, an overview into today's music as well as making them to be fully conscious of the LIVE music. They are also taught to play a musical instrument.

The bands of Jazz Attack performs in the special event or convention industry and also in arts and jazz festivals, throughout Florida. They have also performed in the Pleasure Island Jazz Company and Universal Studios CityWalk, City Jazz. The mission of Jazz Attack, (as mentioned in their site), " To perform in a variety of jazz groups and venues which we create for the sake of art, entertainment, business and education; that we may be gainfully employed musicians working in a creative environment that challenges and nurtures each of our individual talents, and to exercise quality, integrity, dignity in all that we do".