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"Sleepless," the first single from BLOOD RED CHERRY, is classic Arden, a tender yet upbeat song that contrasts a moment of intimacy with big, old world swirling just outside the door. The video for "Sleepless" marks Arden's 11th collaboration with director JETH WEINRICH, whose award-winning videos for Arden include "I Would Die For You" and "Insensitive." The exquisite ballad "Mend" is an achingly beautiful duet of forgiveness with BLUE RODEO'S JIM CUDDY. "I never intended the song as a duet, but we gave Jim a lift once and as we were talking I thought he would be perfect to sing the harmony," Arden says. "The song opens with 'Why are you weeping?' It's saying, 'Here, drink some water' we're going in circles, we don't even know what we were fighting about anymore. It's about taking time to step back."

A very different sentiment is delivered in the swift tempo and sing-song melody of "Janeen," a hilarious, catty ditty which is not, Arden asserts, about a specific person: "I laughed the whole way through writing that - 'She'll poke your eyes out, she'll tear your heart apart.' It's so true about people you went to high school with or people in the office, who are just assholes all the time. Everyone knows a Janeen. And I just love the Eurotrash rhythm, it's so fresh and so up."

The sonic diversity on BLOOD RED CHERRY reflects a fruitful burst of creativity for Arden, and marks the first songwriting collaboration with her long-time guitar player RUSSELL BROOM. "I just felt if I'm ever going to move on I have to get away from my acoustic guitar and my kitchen table," Arden explains. The prolific pair ended up with almost 40 tunes. "Working with a drum machine, I was able to be more syncopated and more present. I was writing fast and furiously," she recalls. While Arden sometimes had Broom play a chord progression for an hour while they were writing, there is nothing over-indulgent about BLOOD RED CHERRY. As Arden explains: "We live in a world of the giant noodle - how long will it take to end this song? Find out, on the next episode of Divas! That's all fine, but I'm more from the school of Shirley Bassey, Petula Clark or Karen Carpenter."
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Jann Arden was born Jann Arden Richards in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Two of her biggest musical influences during her childhood were John Denver and Karen Carpenter. Arden didn't have abundant dreams of stardom back then, but she did love music and began writing her own songs when she was only 13. At 17 she recorded a debut single, "Never Love a Sailor," released in 1980 under the name Jann Richards. After the single, she spent years performing at numerous clubs and festivals. As a singer, she joined bands like Factor Four and Hip Hugger, perfecting her skills over time.

It took Arden 13 long, hard years to move from that first independent effort to a full-length release, Time for Mercy, on the A&M Records label. A couple of the singles from the debut album became hits and helped Arden claim some awards like Best Video and Best Solo Performer and the illustrious Juno award. Her music is often sad and emotional, sometimes humorous, but it always touches places with fans that only truth can reach.

In 1994, Arden completed a sophomore offering, Living Under June, proving she was no fleeting success. The album Happy? followed in 1997 and then Blood Red Cherry in 2000. Some of the tracks from her recordings are "I Just Don't Love You Anymore," "I Would Die for You," "Insensitive," and "It Looks Like Rain." Since that first album hit the market and won positive reviews from so many, Arden's records have sold millions and that number should only continue to climb.
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