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Jane Siberry is the former name of Issa and is a very popular singer as well as a songwriter. She created new wave when she produced such hits as "Mimi on the Beach", "I Muse Aloud" and "One More Colour"; as well as "Calling All Angels" which was a contemporary adult hit, from her album "When I Was a Boy" that she released in the year 1993. Jane Siberry was born in the year 1955 in Toronto, Ontario. In the year 2005, Jane Siberry was awarded the Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for music by the Canada Council for the Arts in the year 2005 .

While Siberyy was doing her studies in microbiology at the University of Guelph, she released her first album "Jane Siberry" in the year 1981. The album was an instant hit and she became well known, as the album was relatively successful for an independent release. It was next followed by her next album, "No Borders Here". This album was also a hit and it was critically acclaimed. The album was also included the underground hit "Mimi on the Beach". In the year 1985, she released her next album "The Speckless Sky" which was a commercial success and was also critically acclaimed. After that Siberry signed up with a major label to release her next album "The Walking", that was released in the year 1988, although it was critically acclaimed but it failed to garnered any fan of hers. She then again re-released the album "The Walking" on Reprise Records internationally, still it remained on Duke Street Records in Canada. Reprise became her Canadian record label. She released her next album, Bound By the Beauty in the year 1989, under the Reprise Records.
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In the year 1993, Siberry collaborated with Michael Brook and Brian Eno on their album "When I Was a Boy". That most famous song of the album, the k.d. lang duet "Calling All Angels", appeared first in Wim Wenders' Until the End of the World. The song was later re-recorded for the soundtrack of Pay It Forward. The song was became so popular that it was again used in the episode of Six Feet Under "The Rainbow of Her Reasons", which was sung by several characters around the body of a deceased friend. In the year 1995, Siberry released "Maria", and alongwith its release, she founded her own independent label, Sheeba Records. After that she released all of her subsequent material on that label. After she became an independent artist, her public profile has gone down ever since, but she still retains a devoted cult following. When Siberry's released her independent albums, all her songs featured around a particular theme, such themes on Christmas music, songs about communication, as well as traditional spiritual music. In the year 2003, she released her latest album Shushan the Palace: Hymns of Earth. The album is an interpretations of Christmas hymns by pop.

Her music has attained that level, that it is most commonly compared to those well-known artists such as Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and Laurie Anderson. In her musical endeavor she has been influenced by Van Morrison and Miles Davis. Her list of albums includes Jane Siberry, No Borders Here, The Speckless Sky, The Walking, Bound by the Beauty, When I Was a Boy, A Collection 1984-1989, Summer in the Yukon, Maria, Teenager, A Day in the Life, Child: Music for the Christmas Season, Lips: Music for Saying It, Tree: Music for Films and Forests, Hush, City, Love is Everything: The Jane Siberry Anthology and Shushan the Palace: Hymns of Earth. In the year 2006, she changer her name to Issa

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