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Jamey Johnson was born and brought in Montgomery, Alabama. Johnson released a single called "The Dollar in 2005". It eventually made an instant hit in the musical market and the single peaked in the top 15 of the country music charts. This debut album of his titled "The Dollar" sold over 12,000 copies in its first week on the market.

At the time, when "The Dollar" was climbing the charts, the song co-written by Jamey was also scaling the charts. It was "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" by Trace Adkins.

Earlier, it was fixed that Jamey was originally slated to sing the song himself, but later on, it was opted not to.

Although, "The Dollar" shot up to the Top 15, but Jamey's follow-up, "Rebelicious", could not make it at all. Since then, he has been dropped from his label. Meanwhile, Jamey still is an active songwriter. He has co-written George Strait's "Give It Away". This also gained success as it became Strait's record-breaking 41st #1 hit.

Since then, Johnson has been co-writing Trace Adkins' "Ladies Love Country Boys", that recently went to became Adkins' second number-one hit on the Hot Country Songs chart.

The Dollar (2006)

  • Year : 2005

  • Title : "The Dollar"

  • US Country : #14

  • Album : The Dollar

  • Year : 2006

  • Title : "Rebelicious" A

  • Album : The Dollar
Jamey Johnson is a well known American country music singer-songwriter who made waves with his constant hit music that literally enthralled his fans.

Johnson is known for a fact. Give him a job and he'll do it with a 110% effort. People close to him say that when he was volunteered for the armed forces, he selected the toughest branch, the Marine Corps. Then he selected construction and chose to work in the aftermath of disasters. Again, when he was a labourer, he chose the dangerous job. This was of operating a concrete saw deep in a manhole. And finally, the last but not the least, when he performed country music, he performed it with perfection while burning the honky-tonks down.

What makes Jamey Johnson a perfectionist is that he has got that intense musical personality. It is capable of both blazing honky-tonkers and heart-melting ballads. Although, his baritone vocals are steeped in country tradition, his approach, meanwhile, is surprisingly contemporary.

His single "The Dollar" has lyric carrying a moral message, however, the authoritative, and rough-edged delivery by Johnson keeps the song from being overly sentimental. He's very serious about his music, but at the same time has a rare sense of humor. Music was in the blood of Jamey Johnson. Raised outside Montgomery, Alabama, he has a family that breathed music. His mother was very interested in music.

Johnson used to save up his money for buying his own guitar, an Epiphone. He and his friends used to make the Saturday nights special. They used to go to the grave of Hank Williams on the hill. Gulping beer and singing the legend's songs was what they loved to do. He started singing in the clubs of Montgomery. His father had a strong believe that his son might become a music teacher or a band director. However, Jamey, after two years of college, quit school in 1994. He served in the Marine Corps Reserve for the next eight years and continued bringing in perfection in his country singing style. He didn't make an instant jump into a music career. Initially, he was working as a salesman for a sign company. Thereafter, he joined an industrial pumping company.
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