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Background- On a Christmas eve, young James Cotton was presented with a harmonica. Little did anybody know that this present will change the course of his life.

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Once on the Christmas eve he was presented harmonica and he used to continually play the instrument. Once he heard the harmonica legend Sonny Boy Williamson play the harp and he recognized the harmonica sound and also found out that the harp did more. He got so much interested with the harp that he was able to play all the theme songs of Sonny Boy, from the radio show and as he grew up his repertoire with the songs of Sonny increased. He started playing his harp to the workers who used to work in the cotton fields. His music became a source of joy for others

It was his uncle who took him to meet Sonny Boy Williamson. When Cotton met Williamson, he wasted no time and then there he played all the theme songs on his treasured harp. Williamson was so much impressed with the young boy enthusiasm, that from that time onwards the two harp players were like father and son, inseparable. Cotton says, ""I just watched the things he'd do, because I wanted to be just like him. Anything he played, I played it". From then on they used to play together at a number of juke joints in and around Mississippi. But after sometime he left his band to Cotton and wet away to live with his wife. As Cotton comments, " He just gave it to me. But I couldn't hold it together 'cause I was too young and crazy in those days an' everybody in the band was grown men, so much older than me". After some time Cotton met Howlin' Wolf and from that moment they began to play the juke joints at Caruthersville, Missouri, Nachez, Mississippi,
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When he was just 15 years old, he came out with four songs at Sun Records. They were "Straighten Up Baby," "Hold Me In Your Arms," "Oh, Baby," and "Cotton Crop Blues." In the year 1952, Cotton was given a 15-minute radio show by KWEM which was a radio station in West Memphis, Arkansas. It turned out to be one of his greatest achievement, as it gave him a wider audience. Once he was playing at the "Dinette Lounge" and after his performance he was approached by Muddy Waters, who invited Cotton to join his own band, and as a result Cotton remained Muddy's harp player for the next 12 years.

He left the band in the year 1966 and started his own solo project, because he had an arresting stage presence. He signed up with Buddah Records and released "100% Cotton," "High Energy," "Alive and on the Move," and "Live at the Electric Lady." and after this he kept on touring in support of his songs. Cotton has been nicknamed as the "Superharp". In the year 1984, he signed up with Alligator Records and thus released "High Compression" and after two years he was nominated for Grammy Awards for his song, "Live From Chicago: Mr. Superharp Himself!". He was again nominated for Grammy Awards in the year 1987 for Blind Pig Records' release "Take Me Back".

In the year, 1994, he released "Living the Blues" on Verve Records and in the year 1996, he was awarded the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album. In the year 2000, he released "Fire Down Under The Hill" on the Telarc label and in the year 2002, released another CD "The 35th Anniversary Jam of The James Cotton Blues Band" which received a Grammy nomination. "Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes," was released in the year 2004, wherein he experimented not only with blues, but also with country and bluegrass.

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