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James Carter rocked the world when he made an appearance on the New York jazz scene from his native Detroit, which equaled to the performance given by Wynton Marsalis. Carter started his debutant recording when he was only 23 years old, in the JC on the Set, issued in Japan and a year later in the year 1993 in the States. Judging from his performances, he has been acclaimed universally as one of the finest ever saxophonist in decades. Critics appreciated his unique ability to play any of the jazz style with an believable ease, and he does not copy anyone's style.

Carter started playing at the tender age of 11. He studied music with trumpeter Marcus Belgrave. Just at the age of 17, he became an expert player and musician and at the same age also started touring with the Marsalis. His unique way of playing the jazz attracted the attention of many famous musicians. In the year 1988 when he shifted to New York, he was invited to become the member of Lester Bowie's band. From 1993 till 2000, Carter has issued no less than six recordings under his own name, consecutively. All of these albums were recorded with an entirely different focuses and also from a set of standards, Conversin' With the Elders in 1995, to an electric and funky record, Layin' in the Cut, and also a set of music in tribute to Django Reinhardt, Chasin the Gypsy. After a gap of three years he released an album wherein, he honored the legendary Billie Holiday with Gardenias for Lady Day. In the year 2004, he released 'Jumping ship' under Columbia to Warner Bros., followed by Carter's Live at Baker's Keyboard Lounge. In the year 2005, he released Out of Nowhere, which was another live session, released on the independent label Half Note. Apart from releasing his album, Carter has also continued to be in the whirlwind of activity, such as playing on session and in live settings with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Cyrus Chestnut, Rodney Whitaker, Frank Lowe, the late Julius Hemphill, pop-jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Tough Young Tenors, and the Charles Mingus Big Band.
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Although he keeps on playing all over the world, but his favorite place is Detroit. He says, ' Detroit will always be important to me, it's the place where certain rites of passage took place. In a lot of ways, it is responsible for my being here, not just in the physical sense, but in other ways as well. It was where I learned my first scales and learned what to do with them, how to apply them. It's also where I met a lot of people who have been important to me and my development, like Larry Smith, Big Bob Fennel, Spencer Barefield, Lamonte Hamilton, William Harner, Dr. Beans Bowles, Pistol Allen, Faruq Z. Bey, Albert and Darryl Duncan, and so many others.' He has also won the critics' choice award for baritone saxophone, continuously for three years from Down Beat magazine.

A list of James Cartes albums are J.C. on the Set in the year 1994, Jurassic Classics in the year 1995, The Real Quietstorm in the year 1995, Conversin' with the Elders in the year 1996, In Carterian Fashion in the year1998, Layin' in the Cut in the year 2000, Chasin' the Gypsy in the year 2000, Gardenias for Lady Day in the year 2003, Live at Baker's Keyboard Lounge in the year 2004 and Out of Nowhere in the year 2005.

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