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Jackopierce is believed to be one of those bands, who has toured extensively right from the '90s. The members of Jackopierce started their career in the college campus performing for the shows. Their shows were widely appreciated and they became popular within the campus and glided under the mainstream's radar and became the most sought after band with their pleasant acoustic folk-pop. It was in the year 1988, when Jack O'Neill met Cary Pierce, while doing theater majors in the Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Jack was a good guitarist and a singer and when he befriended Cary Pierce they found they shared the same passion. With time they started practicing together by improving their tunes to give a delightful simple, low-key sound that focused around the vocal harmonies as well as the acoustic guitars.

With the passage of time as they started performing in the shows, the duo found strong local following in and around the area of Dallas. After some time they decided to release their own album on their own Rhythmic Records and as a result in they year1991, they came out with a self-released an eponymous first album. After the release of the album they embarked upon extensive touring. They performed in many colleges at the national level and were hugely appreciated by their audiences. With the Internet revolution, they developed their own website and it resulted in more popularity.
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They again came out with two more self-released albums. In the year 1992 they released "Woman as Salvation" and it became tremendous hit and this was followed by "Live From the Americas" which was released in the year1993's. They again embarked upon touring and also provided information through Internet and as a result was able to establish a popular fan base. After that there was looking back. In the year 1994, the spirit of Jackopierce's DIY was rewarded. They signed up a contract with a major-label, A&M. They then brought their debut album, "Bringing on the Weather". It was produced by T-Bone Burnett, who gave more instruments so as to flesh out their sound and made it more pleasing.

Though, they were not given much prominence by the mainstream media, still the album nonetheless sold for over 100,000 copies. After some time O'Neill and Pierce decided to add a bassist and also a drummer in a full-time rhythm section and so brought in Clay Pendergrass and drummer Earl Darling. These new line-up released their next effort, "Finest Hour" in the year 1996 but this album was different from the rest of the albums because it was a break from their long-established acoustic sound and was fully electrified. This album too gained popularity and was also critically acclaimed.

In the late 1997, the band decided to part ways and move on. But before that they embarked on a national farewell tour. In the meantime, they also released "Decade" a double-disc retrospective, that featured their smashing live performances and also some of the unreleased tracks. Although even after the band disbanded, both O'Neill and Pierce continued to write and record on their own. Later O'Neill also moved to New York to join the Bat Theater Company. But it seemed that Jackopierce can't live one another and so they decided to hit the road once again and as such reunited again in the year 2002, much to the delight of their fan base, which still look forward to their shows and albums.

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