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Sam Beam the singer from Florida is known as 'Iron and Wine'. It is the recording name of the singer who writes excellent songs and also lends his beautiful voice to it to bring it to life. A graduate from the Florida State University Film school he is also well equipped to produce music videos.

He released his debut album titled 'The Creek Drank the Cradle' in the year 2002.He released an EP in the year 2003 titled 'The Sea and the Rhythm'. The next album was released in 2004 titled 'Our Endless Numbered Days'.

He started of with his recording from his home and later on moved on to the studios to have a more professional approach to the recording of his songs. The songs of his first album were written and recorded in his home premises using his own technical knowledge and skills. His singles like 'Passing Afternoon' have been big hits. He has created a style of his own which is very distinct from his contemporaries. The quality of his songs right from the songwriting stage to the production stage is top class with every little detail taken care of. Iron and Wine has a very good fan following who look forward to his new releases. The songs of Iron and Wine have influences of several other bands yet have a unique distinct style of its own. The success of his albums has not made Iron and Wine have a laid back approach but he is constantly working at his songwriting and singing skills.
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The live performances of Iron and Wine are a treat to watch with such great music that takes you to another world weaved by the magician himself Iron and Wine. The fans wait just to get a look of their music hero. Inspite of the star playing to all their request the fans cannot seem to have had enough of him. They go crazy at just the appearance of their star on the stage.

So go ahead and book your tickets to the 'Iron and Wine' star concert. Be a part of the musical evening that is brought for you. Come enjoy the time with your favourite star. The tickets are limited so book now to be there to see him live and immerse in the music created for you. BOOK NOW!!
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