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Interpol is one of the post punk bands which emerged as the most influential band amongst the audience. They took their inspiration from the popular bands such as Joy Division and the Chameleons. This particular band was formed with the partnership between Daniel Kessler guitarist/vocalist and the New York University class mate named as Greg Drudy as drummer. Carlos Dengler joined the band later on as a guitarist and contributed to fill up the band's line up. It is said that Carlos was previously involved with this band only and wanted to be a part of it for the second time. However, this he joined the band as a bassist and keyboardist.

It was during this time that interpol came to the shape in the year of 1998. Buy as the millineum approached the Drudy departed from the band and was replaced by Sam Forgarino. The band began to play at local clubs in and across New York at regular intervals. This was the time when they got noticed by the people around the city. The popular clubs they used to play in were the Brownie's and the Mercury Lounge. They struggled day and night to achieve that particular goal which would take them to the ladder of stardom. Soon after this the band went for a small tour of the U.K in April of 2001. They received an immense response from the audience around the world.
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They also made appearance on Arena Rock's "This Is Next Year," which was released as a double-disc set. The wait not long enough when the band signed a record deal with the label named as Matador Records under which they released three song single and the much awaited debut LP "Turn On The Bright Lights" by the fall of the year. The album was a major success and made them one of the star favorites of the audience around the country as well as abroad. Second album "Antics" was released in the September of the year 2004.

Currently they are in full form and the continue to thrill their fans with magnificent performances. So if you want to catch them performing live then buy their concert tickets from the ticket vendor online.

Antics (2004)
Interpol Remix (2005)
Turn On The Bright Lights (2002)
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