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Well, as the name suggests, if you are thinking of a band that is crazy and performs their music in slapstick and manner that is utterly crazy, then you won't be going wrong in any sense of the term they are cartoonish metal/rap band, whose much vaunted live show that has chainsaws, open fires and liter of soda that are figuratively dousing the audience, which is on fire (the group prefers the band Faygo, for these festivities). They have been obviously criticized for concentrating more on their performance than their music. But, arguably their performance bulldozes the criticism of their music and it is truly worth a watch. All in all their music is not fantastic or unique but along with their on stage antics, it packs quite a punch. They are on tour now and if you want to

ICP is just a duo now but was originally formed as a hardcore Detroit rap group called Inner City Posse in 1989. The group combusted in 1991 leaving just Shaggy 2 Dope (born Joseph Utsler), and Violent J (born Joseph Bruce) to hold the torch. They altered the name slightly, which many people believe was the duos attempt at reflecting the fact that the Carnival Spirit was reflected in their music. They wanted to portray themselves as the harbingers of the impending apocalypse by touring the nation, making public six "Joker Cards" with consecutive revelations of the final judgment. Their self released first Carnival of Carnage made its appearance in 1992, and the group achieved some notoriety in Detroit's underground scene. ICP began to get a bit of attention with the release of 1994s The Ringmaster, which saw them following the footsteps of cartoon metal bands like Green Jelly and Gwar. Their new album The Great Milenko achieved infamy when it was dumped by its original label and released by a rival. Moreover, the group's personal life had various colourful incidents to its credit giving them some much needed publicity.
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Dec 22 Fri 9:00 PM The Biggest Ballas You've Ever Seen & Insane Clown Posse Exit In
Nashville, TN
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Dec 23 Sat 7:00 PM Insane Clown Posse Majestic Theatre - MI
Detroit, MI
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All this publicity, did the needful, and expanded the group's cult following to such an extent that their next album, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, a concept album debuted in the Top Five. They have not become a practical merchandising machine, complete with a comic books series called "Dark Carnival', a mythology; furthermore they have also starred in their own straight-to-video move called Big Money Hustlas. All this is indeed a credit to the group which looked down and out, yet through sheer grit and determination pitted their ability with the best in business and came out on tops. After all this is show business and it is not just good music that makes a band, but a unique USP. Their insaneness came to their rescue, and has made them what they are. There are very few bands whose can lay this particular claim to fan.

It is truly a band that has some distinctive features, which have entrenched themselves in the psyche of the public. They are fun, full of youth and energetic. What more do you want in a band? Well, they are on tour now, and it is you time to catch this madcap band in action. So, go get your tickets now!
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