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Idlewild is well known and powerful Scottish rock band founded in December 1995 by a group of energetic musicians including Roddy Woomble on Vocals, Rod Jones on Guitar, Colin Newton on Drums and Phil Scanlon on bass. The current lineup of the band is having Roddy Woomble on Vocals, Rod Jones on Guitar, Colin Newton on Drums, Allan Stewart on Guitar and Gareth Russell on Bass.

Originally, the band had a sound of traditional 1990s British indie-punk guitar music, but soon they developed and sharpened this sound over time, from an jittery and angular sound approaching post-hardcore. This sound of Idlewild was once described by the NME as "the sound of a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs". The recent tracks produced by the band reflects a different, sweeping melodic rock sound as displayed on 'The Remote Part'. Idlewild are a unfeignedly independent band, though their sound clearly seems to be influenced by bands such as Fugazi, early Pixies and more recently R.E.M.

On 21 November 2005, Idlewild declared their departure from their longtime record label Parlophone/EMI, after eight years and recording four albums. Part of the band statement says, 'The band had fulfilled their record contract and it seemed like a good time to move on.' Presently, Idlewild band is working on their new upcoming material, which they are recording with 100 Broken Windows and The Remote Part producer Dave Eringa in their rehearsal room.
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After getting tremendous oppositions for creating a double album full of harder songs and slower numbers, Roddy Woomble has recorded a new album of folk music under his own name titled "My secret is my silence". This album was launched on 24 July 2006. However, Idlewild will soon record heavier material but without considering "Captain" style punk. Woomble shared stage with the acclaimed Polwart for three songs at the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow in January 2006 and has toured in support for the album in July/August 2006

On asking, what does he make of the current crop of ubiquitous 80s-influenced pop rock bands? He told Gareth Newton, "The Bloc Party album is great, and the Futureheads are fantastic liveā€¦but I'm very suspicious of the hype that so much of the press generates". It is a sign of his professionalism that he masks his disinterest behind a compliment, but I wonder if the flavour-of-the-month music press has been partially responsible for his emigration to Manhattan? "No. Not at all." He counters immediately. "We recorded the last album in L.A. and really enjoyed it out there, and I had lots of friends in New York. It was one of those places that I'd always wanted to live, and it just seemed the right time to do it." Maybe so, but the resistless mood of Warnings/Promises is surely not one of acceptance.
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