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Hot Chip is young and growing British electro-pop band. The band has received a trademark label for their music and called as "the bedroom Neptunes". The present line up of the band includes Alexis Taylor, Joe Goddard, Al Doyle, Owen Clarke and Felix Martin. They have released their debut album "Coming On Strong" in 2004. The vocalist, Al Doyle belongs to Leeds and the others are from London.

The band have performed and critically acclaimed for their energy in music at many live shows. Some of the live shows they played include Glastonbury, Benicassim, Electric Picnic, Bestival, Sónar, the Reading and Leeds Festivals and the Summer Sundae festival, in 2005 and 2006. in addition to this, they have toured North America, Europe and UK performing their concerts for the last three years. Hot Chip gave two hit singles "Over and Over" in March 2006 and "Boy from School" in May 2006 which climbed the UK charts among top forties. These music videos for "Over and Over" made under the direction of Nima Nourizadeh received heavy applaud from critics as well as fans.

Hot Chip released its domestic recordings of 2003-04 with label Moshi Moshi. Now the band has signed a deal with EMI in the UK as well as a dance-punk label DFA Records in the U.S. The second album "The Warning" released by the band recently has been nominated for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize. The line up of band has got young talents like Alexis Taylor. He is the lead vocal and also plays
keyboards. Taylor and Joe became friends from their secondary school time and started making music at the age of 17. Highly influenced by Prince's compositions, Taylor often taps new lyrics into his mobile phone as a text message. He learned English from Jesus College, Cambridge where he joined Hot Chip once while they performed many gigs around Cambridge's live music venues.
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Another talent of the band is Joe Goddard who is a skilled vocalist and also plays synthesizer and percussion. He does most of the work of band's home studio production. Joe met Taylor at his higher secondary school and they started making music together. Goddard was infatuated to hip hop records in the early 1990s and was highly influenced from Souls of Mischief and Madlib. Both, Joe and Taylor, write lyrics for Hot Chip.

Al Doyle is a young artist contributing skills on guitar, synthesizer and backing vocals in Hot Chip. His vocals can be heard in the song "Colours" on the album "The Warning". He is a man of strong will power capable of doing and playing anything leading to his nickname Al 'Do-It'. He is a skilled classical cellist. Together with Felix Martin and Owen Clarke, he is responsible for some of super hit remixes of the band including MIA, Mattafix, Placebo, Radio 4, Battle and Jim Noir. Other members of the band include Owen Clarke on synthesizers and guitar, Felix Martin on drum machines. The former member Rob Smoughton often contribute in various tours of Hot Chip.
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