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H.I.M has captivated audiences in their concerts with their rare form of music. Music lovers flock in large numbers to the venues where this unique outfit performs

After its formation in Finland in 1995, H.I.M. (also known as His Infernal Majesty) pursued the course of Goth ancestors like Sisters of Mercy and the Mission UK. Singer and lyricist Ville Hermanni Valo was the one who started the group, together with bassist Migé Amour, guitarist Lily Lazer, drummer Mikka Karppinen (also known as Gas Lipstick), and keyboard player Zoltan Pluto. The 1996 EP 666 Ways to Love was the group's initial recording endeavor, and it acquired satisfactory success in Scandinavia. A year later, Greatest Love Songs, Vol 6666 strengthened their cult position across the region and included a cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game." Razorblade Romance was made public in 2000, and H.I.M. backed it up it with a widely traveled European trip. Pluto left after Romance and his place was taken up by Emerson Burton. Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights; the band's third album, appeared in 2002, trailed by the Europe-only Love Metal in 2003. In 2005, H.I.M.'s initial compilation of songs were reissued in America with the help of Universal; they also made public their album Dark Light which was their formal domestic opener.
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H.I.M. which is an alternative rock outfit from Finland, was created in 1995 by vocalist Ville Valo together with Mikko Viljami "Linde" Lindström and Mikko Henrik Julius "Migé Amour" Paananen. Their musical approach is frequently described as Love Metal by Ville Valo and his followers..

The band commenced as a Black Sabbath cover band, and the name HIM initially represented His Infernal Majesty. However Ville Valo refutes any Satanic inclination. In the aftermath of numerous lineup alterations, the outfit now includes Valo, Linde, Migé, their 3rd Keyboard player Janne Johannes "Burton" Puurtinen, and their additional drummer Mika Kristian "Gas" Karppinen. The outfit is also generally identifiable with the help of their their heartagram pattern. It features a heart and a pentagram, which brings out the differences between life and death or love and dislike or even love and death together. Ville has also revealed that "the heartagram stands for HIM as a band, as an entity, and for 'love metal' in common." Inspite of a widespread false notion brought about by their symbol, Ville Valo has himself maintained, that HIM cannot be dubbed as a satanic band. Valo asserts that the band is a "love metal band". However, other metal followeres are of the view that HIM are not genuinely metal in the real sense of the type of music.

The studio releases of the outfit include, Greatest Lovesongs, Vol.666(1997), Razorblade Romance-(1999), Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights(2001), Love Metal(20003), Dark Light92005). The oufit has a number of Eps to their credit which includes, Witches And Other Night Fears(1992), This Is Only The Beginning(1995), 666 Ways To Love:Prologue (1996). Live and additional releases of the outfit include, And Love Said No-The greatest Hits 1997-2004(2004).If you are keen to see the lively performance of H.I.M, book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.
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