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Halifax is a South-California based Rock band. The band consists of five members and has managed to attract hordes of attention from all corners despite releasing a very inexpensively recorded and self produced six song EP titled 'A Writers Reference'. Although they have only entered the main stream very recently, Halifax have been touring non-stop for almost 2 years.

The band consists of singer Mike Hunau, guitarist and vocalist Chris Brandt, drummer Tommy Guindon, guitarist Adam Charles and bassist Doug Peyton. The band's music is like a cocktail of music genres, the have blended the elements of pop, punk, metal, indie-rock and straight out rock perfectly. Their music makes then stand out in an overly crowed music scene.
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The band are nor preparing to release their debut full-length album, 'The Inevitability of a Strange World' in March 2006 on the Drive-Thru label. The band admits that websites like Myspace, Purevolume as well as Absolutepunk.net and Alternative Press Magazine have played a major role in their ability to become popular and famous very early on. Come and listen to this awesome band perform in a concert. They are really popular and their tickets will be hard to pick, so hurry and get your tickets, contact your on-line ticket vendor now!!


The Inevitability of a Strange World - 2006
A Writer's Reference - 2005
Start Back At Start - 2003
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