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Born on 9th April, 1953 Hal Ketchum is a country musician from United Sates of America. Hal Ketchum is known for giving such huge hit album like ' Past The Point Of Rescue' and other singles such as Sure Love and
Small Town Saturday Night. Apart from being a musician he also acted in a film Maverick release in 1994. Hal Ketchum loves to tour therefore giving lot of live shows throughout the year at many part of the country. You can watch the live shows and concerts of Hal Ketchum by buying tickets from Onlie Seats.

Hal Ketchum is today a multi talented musician being a drummer, singer and a songwriter. He grew up in Adirondack Mountains in New York. At the age of 15 Hal started to play drums. He then a joined three R&B musicians. When he was 17 Hal shifted to Florida and then again to Texas. In Texas he started performing at a local dance hall. There he developed his songwriting abilities. In 1986 for writing songs he went to Nashville. 1989 saw the release of his debut album which was entitled ' Threadbare Alibis' on Watermelon Records. He then signed with Forerunner Music which resulted in a record contract between Hal and Curb.
In 1991 Past the Point of Rescue was released with ten songs. Two songs on th album I Know Where Love Lives Reached and Small Town Saturday Night were very successful reaching number 3 and number 1 position on the charts. The other songs on the album were Somebody's Love, Don't Strike a Match (To the Book of Love) , She Found the Place, Old Soldiers, Five O'Clock World, I Miss My Mary, Long Day Comin' and Past the Point of Rescue.
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Apr 7 Sat 8:00 PM Hal Ketchum Infinity Hall - Norfolk
Norfolk, CT
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Apr 26 Thu 9:00 PM Hal Ketchum Canyon Club - CA
Agoura Hills, CA
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Apr 28 Sat 7:30 PM Hal Ketchum The Cave - Big Bear Lake
Big Bear Lake, CA
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Apr 29 Sun 9:00 PM Hal Ketchum The Canyon Santa Clarita
Valencia, CA
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In 1992 Hal Ketchum released his third album tilted ' Sure Love'. 'Sure Love' was another successful album by him giving three hits among the top 20. The album was released with ten tracks like Softer Than a Whisper, Mama Knows the Highway, Sure Love, Till the Coast Is Clear, Someplace Far Away, Hearts Are Gonna Roll,
You Lovin' Me, Daddy's Oldsmobile, Trail of Tears and Ghost Town .

In 1993 he joined Grand Ole Opry. The fourth album of Hal was in 1994 tilted ' Every Little Word'. This album also had two hits among the Top 40. The ten songs on this album were Every Little Word, Stay Forever, Drive On, Another Day Gone, No Easy Road, Swing Low, Walk Away, Veil of Tears , and That's What I Get for Losin' You .
1995 saw the release of ' Greatest Hits'. While in 1998 ' Awaiting Redemption ' saw its way to the fans. ' Awaiting Redemption ' consisted of twelve songs Long Way Down , When Blue Was Just a Color , Lonely Old Me, You Love Me, Love Me Not , Days of Wonder , The Unforgiven , Too Many Memories, Turn of the Wheel , Dear Anna Lee, Awaiting Redemption, Slow Down Sunset and Tell Me .

The latest album of Hal Ketchum has been 'King of Love' with fifteen songs. The songs are The King of Love ,
The Ruby and the Rose, Evangeline, God Makes Stars , The Way She Loves Me , The Carpenter's Way , Angel Song, Prisoner of Love, Too Much of Nothing, Takin' My Time , On Her Own Time, Run Loretta Run, Everytime I Look in Your Eyes, As Long as You Love Me , and The Skies Over Dublin.

Hal Ketchum is very fond of live performances. You can purchase tickets for shows of Hal from Online Seats at low and reasonable rates.
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