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GZA is a rapper from United Sates of America and among the important member of the group Wu-Tang Clan. He is also known as The Genius. Born on 22nd August, 1966 in New York City his original name is Gary Grice .GZA have released many acclaimed and super hit albums and worked with Wu-Tang Clan for many of their albums. GZA likes to be with his fans and therefore gives many his live shows which are performed at regular intervals in various parts of the country. You cab buy tickets for his shows from Online Seats.

In his childhood GZA in Bronx regularly visited Soundview Projects. This led to the creation of interest in GZA for hip hop genre. He wrote his own rhymes.
He shared his interest with his two other cousins RZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard. The three brothers founded a group by the name of All in Together Now. In 1990 GZA was signed with Cold Chillin Records. While his two cousins embarked on solo careers. With Cold Chillin Records released his first album in 1990 titled ' Words from the Genius '. ' Words from the Genius ' comprised of seventeen songs Life of a Drug Dealer,
Living Fou, Phony As You Wanna Be, True Fresh M.C., Feel The Pain, Drama and many more songs.
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In 1993 the first album of Wu-Tang Clan was released in 1993 known as ' Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)'. 'Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)' was a very successful album. After the release GZA signed with Geffen Records. With the Records he released his second solo album titled ' Liquid Swords '. RZA was the producer of the album. The album was very well received by the fans and critics and counted among best related projects of Wu-Tang. The album released with thirteen songs also had many guest appearances by members of Wu-Tang Clan. The tracks on the album were Duel of the Iron Mic, Gold, Living in the World Today, Labels, Killah Hills 10304, B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), Liquid Swords, Shadowboxin, Unexplained, Investigative Reports, and Cold World.

In 1999 ' Beneath the Surface' was released by GZA. The album was bale to garner good reviews. In 2002 the fourth album of GZA was released. The album titled ' Legend of the Liquid Sword ' was applauded by the critics. ' Legend of the Liquid Sword ' was released with fifteen songs such as Silent, Stay In Line, Uncut Materia, Intro, Animal Planet, Rough Cut, Knock, Knock, AutoBio, Highway Robbery, Luminal, Did Ya Say That?, Legend of the Liquid Sword.

' Collection Of Classics' a compilation album was released in 2004. GZA toured as a solo musician. Later he toured with Wu-Tang Clan to many parts of United States Of America and Europe.
In 2005 Babygrande Records signed a deal with GZA. With the Record an album or mixtape was released called ' The GZA Presents for 2006.'. Along with The GZA Presents for 2006, he also started working with DJ Muggs. With him he worked with an album tilted ' Grandmasters'. Grandmasters released on 25th October, 2005 got lot of critical acclaim. 'Grandmasters' was very successful commercially also. The album had twelve songs
Those That's 'Bout It, Unprotected Pieces, Destruction of a Guard, All in Together Now, Illusory Protection, Smothered Mate, Advance Pawns, Queen's Gambit, Unstoppable Threat, General Principles, Exploitation of Mistakes, and Opening.

Some of the singles and EP's released by him have been Knock Knock, When The Fat Lady Sings, Publicity,
Hip Hop Fury, Beneath The Surface along many more singles and EP's.

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