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GWAR is a 1985 shock rock, hardcore punk and thrash metal band. The band was formed by a group of musicians and artist at Virginia Commonwealth University. Though GWAR has been through many changes in line up since their formation the band presently have five members. Vocals are by Dave Brockie ( Oderus Urungus), rhythm guitar by Mike Derks ( Balsac the Jaws of Death), bass by Todd Evans ( Beefcake the Mighty ), Cory Smoot (Flattus Maximus )on lead guitar and drums by Brad Roberts ( Jizmak Da Gusha ). There are two side members as well who are Sleazy P. Martini and Sexecutioner. The band members wear costumes which are inspired by sci-fi/horror film. The lyrics of band are obscene, politically incorrect and raunchy. GWAR is today very famous as shock rock band. Book tickets for the live performances of GWAR from Online Seats.

GWAR's first members were Ben Eubanks on vocals, guitar by Steve Douglas, drums by Sean Sumner, Dave Brockie on guitar, bass guitar by Chris Bopst and Hunter Jackson. But the band witnesses many changes in line up in the coming months. There were two changes in quick successions with Ben Eubanks being replaced by Joe Annaruma. Joe Annaruma also left the band and guitarist Dave Brockie became the vocalist of the band. But then band had a steady line up comprising of Mike Bonner, Chuck Varga, Scott Krahl, Don Drakulich, Dave Musel, Hunter Jackson, and Dave Brockie . Heather Broome also joined them in 1986 came Colette Miller.
In 1988 the first album of GWAR came out titled "Hell-O," on Shimmy Disc Records. In 1988 Steve Douglas left the band with Michael Derks as rhythm guitarist filling his place in the band. Derks has remained with the band since then.
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With Metal Blade Records GWAR released the album ' Scumdogs of the Universe ' . ' Scumdogs of the Universe ' released with thirteen songs has remained as one of their greatest album till date. The songs on the album were "Maggots", "Slaughterama" , "The Salaminizer", "Sick of You", "Black and Huge" , "Sexecutioner",
"The Years Without Light" , "Death Pod", "Love Surgery", "King Queen" , "Vlad the Impaler", "Cool Place to Park", and "Horror of Yig" .
GWAR did lot of touring for the album and in 1990 for the song 'Sick of You' a music video was released.

In 1992 they released their third album titled ' America Must Be Destroyed'. The album has twelve songs "Have You Seen Me?", "Rock & Roll Never Felt So Good", "The Road Behind", "Ham on the Bone", "Pussy Planet",
"Crack in the Egg", "The Morality Squad", "Gilded Lily", "America Must Be Destroyed", "Blimey", "Poor Ole Tom" and "Gor-Gor".
In 1994 came their fourth album 'This Toilet Earth'. The album had experimental songs and departed from their original sound. There were sixteen songs on this alum "The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7", "Insidious Soliloquy of Skulhed Face" , "Issue of Tissue (Spacecake)", "Sonderkommando", "Fight", "Pocket Pool", "Saddam a Go-Go", "Bad Bad Men", "Pepperoni", "Eat Steel", "Slap U Around", "Filthy Flow" , "Krak Down", "Jack the World" , "Penis I See" and "B.D.F." .

GWAR now had a steady fan following. "RagNaRok" was released in 1995. This album was characterized by use of keyboards and secondary vocalists for large extent.

In 1997 came their another successful album ' Carnival of Chaos '. It had songs with several genres of music such as jazz, classic heavy metal, country and hard rock.
Next few years saw more releases by GWAR such as 'We Kill Everything', in 1999, in 2001 came ' Violence Has Arrived', 'War Party' in 2004 and in 2006 came 'Beyond Hell'.

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