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Guttermouth is a U.S. punk rock band from Huntington Beach, California. The band is famously known for their offensive attitude, both on their albums and at their shows and more recently, for being one of a few punk rock bands that is not openly left wing. It was in 1989 when the foundation stone of band was laid in California when Mark Adkins left La Habra punk band Republic to join Eric "Derek" Davis' band Critical Noise. The name Guttermouth was the innovative idea of Critical Noise drummer Tim Baulch. After an year, Adkins and Davis shifted the band from La Habra California to Huntington Beach California where new members Clint Weinrich, James T. Nunn, & Scott Sheldon were welcomed into the Guttermouth. A few years after their inception, Guttermouth managed to get a recording contract with Offspring lead singer Bryan Dexter Holland's Nitro Records, and began issuing albums at a breakneck pace, including 1996's Teri Yakimoto, 1997's Musical Monkey, and 1999's Gorgeous, the latter featuring new drummer Ty Smith. By the dawn of the new millennium, Guttermouth had switched to Epitaph Records in 2000, and issued further releases such as 2001's Covered With Ants, 2002's Gusto!, and 2004's Eat Your Face. It was in 2005 when the long time alliance came to an end as the band left Epitaph Records and signed to Volcom Entertainment and recently finished recording their next album, Shave the Planet which was released on August 22, 2006.
In recent years, Guttermouth have been the target of criticism from other punk rock bands for their outspoken refusal to support organizations like Punk Voter. At the same time the band's political views hasn't been plainly stated as liberal or conservative. Guttermouth records a long history of doing and saying whatever they believe, which will cause the most offense to their audience, whomever it may be at the time. It is their regular practice of abusing their audience and fans though, this may all be a way to get a reaction from them. During their typical live shows it is a common scene as audience members spitting on lead singer Mark and he spits right back.

Guttermouth was discarded from 2004 Vans Warped Tour because Adkins and other members wore clothing supporting the George W. Bush administration and verbally abused other bands while these bands played. The verbal abuse was especially directed at the band My Chemical Romance. For the very same reason, My Chemical Romance appealed to Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman to have Guttermouth removed from the tour when they were in Canada.

Mark Adkins set the records straight however: "I do need to set the record straight with one person in particular. His name is Kevin Lyman. I think it was two years ago that I, not Guttermouth left the Warp Tour. I called Mr. Lyman after our first three week stint and told him that this year's trip just wasn't for me and that was looking toward other things besides music. Then the press got all over me saying that we were the first band to ever kicked off or leave the tour. Fact being, I ran with the story. We did not get kicked off I left on my own accord. It was the political year and I was sickened by the whole thing. But the truth remains that we were not kicked off the tour. So, I owe Mr. Lyman a big apology. He gave me every chance, but I was (and I'm not making excuses) so over whelmed by the political tirades every band put out, with the exception of The Vandals. That I had to leave."
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