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Ryan Miller, Brian Rosenworcel, and Adam Gardner met during Freshman orientation in 1992 at Tufts University in Massachusetts. Guster became one of the most successful bands to hit the U.S. East Coast scene in the late 1990s.Their unique and simple sound has attracted fans all around. The band was originally known as Gus, but they changed their name by adding the -ter to make their name more original and to avoid confusion of other artists under the same name. They wrote short, infectiously catchy tunes about love, suicide and absurdist rock star lifestyles. Through word of mouth alone, the band sold over 40,000 copies of independent debut Parachute and their second effort, Goldfly. Named the Best Live Act at the Boston Music Awards in 1997, Guster was hailed as one of the greatest independent successes of the 1990s, achieving a reputation as one of the most reputable unpromoted bands of the decade. Guster continued a relentless touring schedule and sold out small clubs across the country, after releasing a second album, Goldfly, in March 1997. In 1998, Guster signed the first contract under an agreement between Sire Records Group and Hybrid Recordings. The group re-released Goldfly in April 1998 under the major-label contract and returned the following year with Lost and Gone Forever, which positioned the band for greater exposure.
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The band has had several minor hits – like 1999's "Fa Fa" and 2003's "Amsterdam" that have received more radio play on the East Coast than the West Coast. Producer Roger Moutenot assisted Guster in the studio for their fourth album, however Sire folded and Guster shopped for another label before signing with Reprise's Palm Pictures in early 2003. Keep It Together appeared in June. The band spent the next year touring America several times over. Their CD/DVD set Guster On Ice: Live From Portland, Maine appeared May 2004.
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