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Grupo  Niche is a famous salsa band formed in 1980 in Columbia. It was formed by seven members who were Jairo Varela who is producer, director, songwriter, arranger and vocalist, piano by Nicolas Cristanelo, sax and flute by Alí "Tarry" Garcés, trombone by Alexis Lozano, congas by Luis Pacheco, bassist Francisco García and vocalist Jorge Bassam and .
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Jairo Varela was the main founder member of the band. He contributed a lot to band through his talent and music. From beginning he was interested in music. His mother gifted him a guitar at the age of eight for further encouraging and developing his interest in music. His compositions found place in the albums of Grupo  Niche.

"Al Pasito" was the first album of Grupo  Niche released in 1980. The album helped in featuring the Columbia in the world of salsa. 1981 saw the released of their second album " Querer es Poder". Though the group has witnessed many changes in the line-up but it did not hamper the success of Grupo  Niche.
In 1984 " No Hay Quinto Malo" was released. It had signature song of group " Cali Pachanguero". Next album titled "Se Pasó!" is counted as the best recording by the group. It was released on New York Latin Records.

In 1986 two musician from Puert Rico joined Grupo  Niche vocalist Tito Gómez, and pianist Israel Tanenbaum. Tito Gómez had earlier worked popular salsa band from his native land Sonora Ponceña, and Ray Berretto. 1986 was also marked by release of " Grupo Niche con Cuerdas". It was released with more polished sound and orchestration.
" Historia Musical" was a two disc album released in 1987. The album featured some previous hits and received lot of praise. Unfortunately serious differences emerged among the band members. Many members left group to form another spin-off band called "Orquesta Internacional Los Niches".

However Grupo  Niche with Varela, Gómez and Monge continued to stay in limelight. New members were introduced and released number of albums in following years. New members were Israel "Cachao" López from Cuba on bass and from Columbia came Diego Galé. But Gale later left the band.
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Mar 16 Fri 7:00 PM Grupo Niche The Aztec Theatre
San Antonio, TX
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Mar 17 Sat 8:00 PM Grupo Niche House Of Blues - Houston
Houston, TX
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Mar 18 Sun 8:00 PM Grupo Niche House Of Blues - Dallas
Dallas, TX
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Following decade witnessed change in style of group and they now used more romantic lyrics. Album " Tapando el Hueco" released in 1990's experimented with new sound. In 1991 two more albums were released " Cielo De Tambores" and "Llegando Al 100%". 1993 was marked by release of " 12 Años" which was again a two disc album. It consisted of their song released earlier. But Varela rearranged the songs. " Un Alto En El Camino" was released in same year. " Etnia" was
released in 1995. The album demonstrated difference in their rhythmic patterns from earlier albums.

Throughout 1990's Grupo  Niche continued to release large number of albums. But at the same time change in line-up was also frequent. Sometimes the original works of Varela were not inducted in the albums. Like 2000 album " Propuesta" had Cuban songs from Beny Moré and Sonora Matancera.

But the popularity of Grupo  Niche never subsided which is proved from the fact that their ten records achieved gold and five records achieved platinum status. Apart from winning gold prizes for many years at the Barranquilla Carnival. Their fame was not restricted to Columbia but spread in foreign land as well.

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