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Groundation is a musical band, who are trying to capture the essence of jazz and also wants to take the genre into a different height so that they can find the true roots of reggae. According to the band the term Groundation means trying to bring all the people to such a level so that they can be able to talk, learn and educate each other. The band was formed in the year 1998. Marcus Urani, Ryan Newman and Harrison Stafford met and decided to form the core of the pioneering sound. They have been musicians for quite a long time. In 1999, Stafford met Kris Dilbeck and invited him to found Young Tree Records. They released their first album with the same name. In the year 2000, they were joined by Jazz trumpeter David Chachere who hails from San Francisco. Later Kelsey Howard on trombone joined them from North Bay. Meanwhile, the saxophonist Jason Robinson is a well known musician and he was appointed as the head of the Jazz program at UC San Diego. He is also credited for bringing new life into the Southern California Jazz scene. In addition to it, Stafford has also taught the first course on the History of Reggae Music at Sonoma State University. In December 2001 Paul Spina the drummer has joined the band when he took over from the original set player James Stafford.

They released their next album Hebron Gate and it was instantly hit. The album also received a nomination for Germany's coveted "World Music World". The music has the quality of groundbreaking originality. For the first time in reggae history, Groundation united with Apple Gabriel from Israel Vibration and Don Carlos from Black Uhuru for the release of the album.
In the year 2004, on November they came out from the studio with their fourth album, "We Free Again". Recently they released Dub Wars that is a combination of tracks from their earlier album Hebron Gate, that is originally the dub versions released on the LP Dragon War YTR-1220 and also "We Free Again". The dubbed versions of the band's sound really touches the core of the heart that was constructed by Jim Fox from Lion & Fox and was redubed by keyboardist Marcus Urani. In the year 2006 they released their latest album "Upon the Bridge" with the legendary Fox.

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Groundation has now got eight musicians in it- Harrison Stafford as the lead singer, Ryan Newman as the bassist, Kelsey Howard as the trombone, Derry Armstrong in the chorus, the keyboardist Marcus Urani, David Diesel Chachere in the trumpet, the drummer Paul Spina, Mingo Lewis Junior as the percussionist, he also plays the conga. The albums that they have released are Young Tree in the year 1999, Each One Teach One in the year 2001, Hebron Gate in the year 2002, Young Tree in the year 2002, We Free Again in the year 2004, Dub Wars in the year 2006 and Upon The Bridge in the year 2006. Among all the albums We Free Again released in the year 2004 was critically acclaimed. They are also one of the hottest band in the reggae festivals. They also shared the stage with Zap Mama at Rototom in Italy and was also the headliner after the Black Uhuru at Summerjam in Germany. The masses loved the Groundation for their conscious jazz-infused reggae.

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