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Gregory Isaacs is a very famous reggae singer . He was born on 15th July, 1951 in Fletchers Land, Kingston, Jamaica. 1970's saw him emerging as a very famous and prolific recording artist in Jamaica. In 1973 he along with Errol Dunkley formed his own African Museum(JA) label and released number of singles. His songs reflect lot 'conscious' themes of Roots Reggae. But Gregory Isaacs was also well versed with the mainstream Lovers Rock material. Some of his notable and successful hits have been " Mr. Cop", " Sinner Man" and " My Only Lover'. He earned nicknames for himself 'Lonely lover' and 'Cool Ruler' given by critics and fans . The music lovers will not like to miss the shows and concerts of Gregory Isaacs. He over the years has been able to build a strong and large fan base who love his live performances. You can easily buy tickets for his shows from Online Seats at low and reasonable prices.

Gregory Isaacs is today counted as one of the superstars of the reggae genre. He has been in the music industry fro almost three decades now with fans throughout the world. Gregory started his career as a singer in the early 1970's, he worked with large number of producers and performed at many local talent competitions. His first works were released on Successful label of Rupie Edwards. In 1973 he started his own shop and African Museum label in Kingston. He started the label with singer Errol Dunkley as he wanted to gain artistic freedom as well as financial control over his work. For financing his label, Gregory Isaacs continued to work with other producers like Alvin "GG" Ranglin, Gussie Clark, Lloyd Campbel, Winton " Niney The Observer" and Holness for remaining 1970's. His early recordings led to the development of his singing style and love ballads. He released some successful works like "Border", " Number One " with the GG's label and was produced by Alvin Ranglin. The work he released with other labels and producers is considered by many as his greatest work.. Gregory gave some rootsiers songs like the " Slave Master " found in his album " Mr Isaacs " released in 1977. Other good songs were " Love is Overdue " and "Loving Pauper".
In the late 1970's he first signed with the Virgin Records and later worked with Charisma Records. The work during this period gave him large international audience. The period was marked by th release of such songs " Let's Dance", "Soon Forward" and " If I don't have you". These songs at times have been re-released on compilation albums.
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Gregory Isaacs soon signed with signed an international release contract with Island Records. In 1982 he released another album " Night Nurse " with Island Records. The album was very popular among his fans. In 1983 another album titled "Out Deh!" was released. Gregory Isaacs faced lot of personal problems after the contract was over. He shared a strong relationship with Gussie Clarke belonging to the Music Works label. He made a comeback with a hit single " Rumours" in 1988. The young and old reggae fans of Gregory very much liked his latest work. His African Museum label in the 1990's continued to release all the work of Gregory as well as the work of the artist he produced. Gregory Isaacs still records and perform in live shows and concerts.

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