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Background- Gov't Mule was formed in the year 1994. with the passage of time, the band has acquired success and has devoted fans following them. Even many popular rock musicians including James Hetfield of Metallica, and Henry Rollins of Black Flag and Rollins Band, cites Gov't Mule as their favorite band. According to Haynes Gov't Mule is "blessed with an amazing fan base. They not only allow us to experiment onstage, they encourage it, to the extent that we can feel that encouragement coming from the crowd. I trust the band implicitly, and I trust our audience, because they want to be a part of the experience. They didn't come to hear the records, they didn't come to hear the same show we played last night, they came to be part of a moment in time, and that's what we are there for. It's an experience that we all share together. A high percentage of our audience is deeply in tune with our music, and that is the most you can ask for."

They released their first album "Dose", in 1998. Next came "Life Before Insanity" which was critically praised. In the year 2001 and 2002, followed two CDs, "The Deep End, Volume 1 " and "The Deep End, Volume 2 ". Many musicians colloborated in these CDs, they are Jack Bruce of Cream, John Entwisle of The Who, Mike Watt of Minutemen, Les Claypool of Primus, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Chris Squire of Yes among others. The band then embarked upon extensive touring in support of the CDs and they were joined by different keyboardists and bassists, such as Chuck Leavell, Rob Barraco, Phish's Page McConnell, Danny Louis, Dave Schools of Widespread Panic, Oteil Burbridge of the Allman Brothers, Les Claypool, Victor Wooten of the Flecktones, George Porter Jr. of The Meters, Greg Rzab formerly of The Black Crowes and the Buddy Guy Band and Andy Hess. Later Louis and Hess became the permanent members of Gov't Mule.
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They released their first CD with the new members in the year 2004, entitled Deja Voodoo. The band was invited to perform at festivals such as Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, Langerado, and Vegoose. In the year 2006, they released their next album "High and Mighty". The album became a huge hit. "Our goal was to capture the chemistry and the spirit of the band, which has progressed into something beyond what it was for the last record," says Haynes. "The last record was the first with the new lineup, and this being the second one I feel that the chemistry is that much stronger. We took the interplay that happens on stage and utilized it to create something magical in the studio."

A list of their albums and singles are Govt Mule, 1995, Live From Roseland Ballroom, 1996, Dose, 1998, Live ... With A Little Help From Our Friends, 1998, Life Before Insanity, 2000, The Deep End, Volume 1, 2001, The Deep End, Volume 2, 2002, The Deepest End, Live In Concert, 2003, Deja Voodoo, 2004, Mo' Voodoo (EP), 2005, High & Mighty, 2006.

The members of the band are Matt Abts - drums, percussion (1994-present), Warren Haynes - guitar, vocals (1994-present), Andy Hess - bass (2003-present), Danny Louis - keyboards, guitar, vocals (2002-present), Allen Woody - bass, vocals (1994-2000). Many other musicians have also collaborated with the group also and they are Michael Barbiero as the producer, Mike Gordon as the bass player, film maker, Stefani Scamardo as the manager, Dave Schools as the bass player

"There's a generation coming up now, as far as people pursuing entertainment careers, their only goal is to be famous," says Haynes." It's not about being good at what you do, it's about doing what will make you famous, even if that means destroying your integrity. I heard someone say that art is less important in today's society than it has ever been, and I think that's true in a scary sort of way."

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