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Glenn Tilbrook who was born as Glenn Martin Tilbrook in London. Tilbrook today is very accomplished and famous solo artist, for his some very melodic and superb compositions. He was the guitarist and lead singer for the band Squeeze. Glenn composed the music for the group while his partner Chris Difford, penned down the lyrics. His concerts are most sought after by his fans. You can buy tickets for his concerts for premium seats at very reasonable and low prices from Online Seats.

Glenn Tilbrook formed Squeeze with lyricist and guitarist Chris Difford. Squeeze was a very well known and longest-lived bands belonging to the new wave era. Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford have often been regarded as Lennon and McCartney of their era. However their smart and sophisticated brand of pop was never commercially successful. But the singles like "Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)," "Black Coffee in Bed" and "Tempted"is counted among their greatest woks. Glenn Tilbrook who was born in London, at the tender age of six studied piano and guitar. He made his debut at local talent show at the age of 13. Soon he teamed up with Difford for writing and performing. In 1974 both formed the Squeeze. In 1978 they released a self titled debut LP. The LP was produced by John Cale and featured minor hit like "Take Me, I'm Yours". " Cool for Cats" was released in 1979 and featured on the UK charts. The album contained couple of hits songs, the title song and "Up the Junction" . Another album " Argybargy" with songs "Another Nail in My Heart" and "Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)," were not that successful. But the album bought critical acclaim for Tilbrook for his clever and crisp melodies and wry, literate wordplay of Difford. In 1981 Squeeze released their most successful album in the US ever called " East Side Story". It featured the memorable number "Tempted". Their another album " Sweets From a Stranger" with the single "Black Coffee in Bed"was able to reach the U.S. Top 40. But soon the band broke up. Tilbrook now collaborated with Difford along with composing songs for the earlier members so Squeeze like Paul Young, Jools Holland, Helen Shapiro and Billy Bremner. 1984 saw the release of another self titled album by Tilbrook and Difford. They soon united the Squeeze and released an album " Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti". The 1987 album "Babylon and On" was another pf their greatest hit. The singles "Hourglass" and "853-5937" reached the Top 40singles.
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In the 1990's Glenn Tilbrook associated himself with other artist. He started guesting on albums many artist like Soft Boys' Kimberley Rew and Aimee Mann. In the late 2000 he released a single "Parallel World " thus embarking on a solo career. It was released on the on his own Quixotic Records. The single " This Is Where You Ain't" was released in 2001. " The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook" was his first full length album. The songs in the album "Observatory" was co written by Aimee Mann while "You See Me" by Ron Sexsmith. Glenn Tilbrook once said about his solo career " The thing I love most about playing solo is finding I could talk to an audience rather than just saying ‘This is' and ‘That was' and ‘Thank you very much,' which was probably about the extent of my communication before then. It's great, if you're in a band and you're powering through a set, that's sometimes all that you need, but I love talking to people in this new kind of environment."

Glenn Tilbrook is a very noted and known musician today. You can buy tickets for his concerts from Online Seats.

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