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George Lopez is not an overly busy man this summer, but the beloved and controversial comedian is making a few stops. Notably, George Lopez tickets will be available for shows at casinos in Mashantucket, Connecticut and Atlantic City, New Jersey in May 2013, a back-to-back performance in Denver in June, and a show at a winery in Saratoga, California in August.

Lopez is likely to fill in the gaps with a few shows, as comedians are wanted to do. Though he does not have an album coming out or a new television special, he does have something new to offer. He has released a new book, I’m Not Gonna Lie…And Other Lies You Tell When You Turn 50. The book includes excerpts from a man who was not sure whether or not he would make this far in life, especially after suffering from kidney disease and a couple television show cancelations. When he does take the stage, he is likely to come out with a whole new act built around much of the material that went into his latest book.

George Lopez was born on April 23, 1961 in Los Angeles, California and raised primarily by his grandmother (both his parents abandoned him). He did not live an easy life and that may ave served him best in the bed as his career has taken from the stage as a comedian to the studio of a radio station to the set of a television show.

He has become a huge hit on each platform, becoming a nationally renowned comedian first. This came after spending the 1980s touring the country and building his reputation and developing his act. Next he took on radio. Lopez became the first Latino to headline a morning radio slot in LA. on an English-language station.

He broke similar ground on television. Though he was not the first Hispanic American to take the lead on the small screen, he is one of the few to become a hit in the ratings. His time on the George Lopez show lasts five seasons from 2002 to 2007 and, though it did not do too well on its first run, it excelled in syndication. Still, Disney decided to cancel the show, which drew the ire of the comedian.

George Lopez continued to tour on occasion, but he felt he deserved another run on television. TBS happily welcomed the comedian as a late-night talk show host. Lopez Tonight lasted two seasons, though he had a strong group of supporters that would have gladly watched him for a third season. He is trying for a third show, this time moving to FX for the show Saint George.

His other work includes supporting character work in blockbuster movies, a couple of autobiographical books that have made it into the New York Times Bestsellers list, and continued stage work as a standup comedian. As a comedian his style remains frenetic and highly emotional, even as he has aged. Taking on any and every subject, George Lopez tickets are comedy tickets to enjoy watching a funny man who continues to thrive to this very day.

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