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Genesis was one of the most successful rock bands of the 1970s, 1980s, and also in the 1990s. Genesis enjoyed a longevity and fame that was exceeded only by the Rolling Stones and probably the Kinks. It was also the launch pad for the superstardom of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

Genesis had its roots in a band founded by Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks in 1965 and named Garden Wall. At the same Charterhouse School in Godalming, Surrey, fellow students Anthony Phillips and Michael Rutherford were part of another group called Anon. The two groups merged
out of expediency. Later Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford, drummer Chris Stewart and Phillips soon joined together to form the New Anon. The band recorded a six-song demo with songs written by Rutherford and Phillips. Jonathan King, a fellow ex-student, recording artist and producer, heard
the tape got the group to continue working for the studio. King was the one who renamed the band Genesis.

In 1967 the group got their first formal recording sessions. 'The Silent Sun,' their debut single, was released in the beginning of 1968 without attracting much notice from the public. But they continued to work on the music simultaneously changing the band members. Genesis became
one of the first groups to sign up with the fledgling Charisma label with which they recorded their second album Trespass. After another round of change of members Phil Collins and guitarist Steve Hackett became part of the band that rocked for a long time. The band was ready for
success and that showed upon the release of Nursery Cryme, their next album.
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Foxtrot was issued in the fall of 1972. The release was the flashpoint in Genesis's history in more than just commercial terms. 'Supper's Ready,' showed a writing that was as sophisticated as anything in progressive rock. In addition, the lyrics were complex, serious and clever, a nice change from the usual overblown acts and words attached to most prog-rock. Then came the release of the double LP The Lamb Lies Down in late 1974 on Broadway. This marked the happy culmination of the group's early history. Genesis released And Then There Were Three in 1978,
abandoning any efforts at progressive rock for a softer and less ambitious pop sound.

The magic run continued into the 1990s. Their 1991 album We Can't Dance soon became Number One in England and number four in America. This was Collins' last album with the group. He was replaced by the new vocalist Ray Wilson, earlier of the group Stiltskin. Genesis bounced back in 1997 with Calling All Stations. The album proved the strength of the band that was Genesis.

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Genesis: Platinum Collection (2005)
Invisible Touch (2003)
Genesis (2003)
Calling All Stations (1997)
Trespass (1993)
A Trick Of The Tail (1992)
We Can't Dance (1991)
Invisible Touch (1986)
Genesis (1983)
Three Sides Live (1982)
Abacab (1981)
Duke (Definitive Edition... (1980)
Seconds Out (1977)
Wind & Wuthering (1976)
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974)
Genesis Live (Remaster) (1973)
Foxtrot (Remaster) (1972)
Nursery Cryme (1971)
Trespass (1970)
From Genesis To Revelation (1969)
Where The Sour Turns To ... (1969)
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