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Born on October 17, 1942 in Hibbing, Minnesota Gary Puckett is a popular rock artist. He is well known for his efforts for Gary Puckett & The Union Gap band. In the late 1960s the band caused a great sensation in U.S.A. With their new style and on-stage performance, they were able to draw a large number of audiences in their concerts. Unfortunately, the band had been disbanded in 1971. However, Gary Puckett still performs live individually. If you want to see him performing live, you can order your tickets online fron us.

Although Puckett was born in Minnesota, he grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho and Yakima, Washington. He graduated from Twins Falls High School. Gary Puckett had a flair for singing from his childhood. In 1967, he formed the band Gary Puckett & The Union Band. The band included Kerry Chater (electronic bass and rhythm guitar), Gary Withem (woodwinds and keyboards), Dwight Berment (keyboards and saxophones), Paul Wheatbread (drums) and of course Gary Puckett (vocals).

The Gary Puckett & The Union Gap band was formed in 1967 in San Diego by Gary Puckett. Just after the formation of the band, they got an offer from Columbia Records. Their single "Woman Woman" was a great hit. It not only reached the #4 position on the Billboard Hot 100, but also laid a good foundation for the band to proceed further in their musical journey. That single was followed by "Young Girl", "Over You", "Lady Willpower", "This Girl Is A Woman Now" and "Don't Give In To Him". All these singles made their entry on the UK singles chart.
Producer/songwriter Jerry Fuller's skills and Puckett's powerful voice made Gary Puckett & The Union Gap one of the most-familiar bands on the radio. Most of their songs focused on the common theme of the empowerment of women. The band's risqué lyrics set them apart from any contemporary rock bands. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap won six successive gold records in 1968. During that time they even lag behind the Beatles. The band became impressively popular. They got the opportunity to play a command performance at the White House. In fact, their performance at the White House was meant for Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap got special invitation of the President for that.

Although Gary Puckett & The Union Gap enjoyed tremendous popularity, the band was disbanded in in 1971. In 1974 "Young Girl" was reissued on popular request in England. "Young Girl" reached number five there and achieved a Silver Record Award. This was for the second time "Young Girl" won a Silver Record Award. This is a full six years after the song was initially released. Following the band's collapse, Gary Puckett concentrated more on his solo performances. He recorded the band's classic songs in a new and fresh taste. In 2001, he released the new album At Christmas".

The group's hit songs continue to sell today. The 1960s hits compilations are on high demand nowadays also. All of the band's albums, singles including Puckett's solo efforts exceeds a sale of 25 million units worldwide. The band's album "Greatest Hits" still remains CBS' best selling "Collector Series" album.

In March 2002, Gary Puckett released "Live". "Live" is a beautiful collection of singles which were recorded live. The album also includes the track "Home" that is dedicated toward the men and women who defend the country with their lives. Gary Puckett performs live at many concerts all across the country. If you want to enjoy any of his live concerts, you can get your tickets from us.
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