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Born on March 8, 1958 in West London, Gary Numan is an English singer, composer, musician and what not. He is widely accepted as the pioneer of electropop. Synth pop has got a new meaning at his hands. During the 1980s Gary Newman exhibited the best of his music. His dark, paranoid vision is superb like his clinical, robotic sound. Many popular rock bands have been constantly performing Numan's tracks throughout the years. Are you a Gary Numan fan? Have you ever watched any Gary Numan concerts? Do you want to watch a Gary Numan concert, provided you get the tickets. Truly speaking, for tickets don't worry. You can buy premium Gary Numan concert tickets at very cheap rates from us. Today, you need not stand on long queues to get your Gary Numan tickets. We will ship you the Gary Numan concert tickets right to your address. So, why wait? Order your Gary Numan concert tickets today.

As a child Gary Numan was very shy. It was music that brought him out of his shell. He used to play the guitar since his early teens. In his teens he got the opportunity to play guitar for many local bands.
Gary Numan was greatly influenced by the punk movement. In 1976, Gary Numan joined a punk group named Lasers. In 1977, Numan and bassist Paul Gardiner quit the group to form a new group called Tubeway Army. Drummer Bob Simmonds also became a member of the group. The members recorded some couples under the pseudonyms Valerium, Scarlett and Rael respectively. However, drummer was replaced by Jess Lidyard, Numan's uncle. In 1978, Tubeway Army cut a set of punk demos for "Beggars Banquet" which were released after many years as "The Plan". During that time Gary Numan got a contract to sing for a jeans commercial. The same year the band's self titled debut album "Tubeway Army" hit the market.
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"Replicas", the group's second album credited was released in 1979. the single "Are Friends' Electric" not only became a huge hit but also topped the UK charts. "Down in the Park was another beautiful song that still stands as Numan's most gothic outings. That album made Gary Numan a star overnight. Numan's next release "Cars" included some glorious tracks. This album picked the #1 position in the American Top Ten.

In 1980, Numan released "Telekon" which again topped the album charts. Some of the memorable tracks of the album are "I Die:You Die", "We are Glass", and "This Wreckage". In 1981, Numan announced his retirement as far as his live performance was concerned. But before that he played several farewell concerts. Then "The Dance" was released. The lead single of the album "She's Got Claws" climbed into the UK Top Five. But Numan was more concerned regarding his world tour. But unfortunately he was arrested in India following suspicion of spying and smuggling.

Gary Numan's retirement didn't stay for long. In 1982, he returned with "I Assassin" but could not catch the eyes of his fans. He then released "Warriors" in 1883. In this album Numan tried to explore the jazz-influenced style. "Warriors" was the last album that Numan sang for the Deggars Banquet Records. Some of Numan's other albums which were released afterwards were "Berserker" (1984), "The Fury" (1985), "Strange Charm Album", (1986), "Metal Rhythm" (1988), "Automatic" 1989), "Machine + Soul" (1992), "Exile" (1997), "Pure" (2000), "Exposure" (2002), "Scarred" (live, 2003), "Hybrid" (2003), "Reconnected: Live and More" (2003), "Live at Stepherd's Bush Empire" (2004) and "Jagged" (2006).

Gary Numan will be soon performing live at various places across the country. If you need tickets for his concerts contact us.
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