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The Garden Brothers Circus was formed in 1938 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The circus is called Garden Bros. Circus The Entertainment Giant! was formed by two Scottish brothers named William A. Garden and Robert Garden. Garden Bros. Circus The Entertainment Giant! Have entertained everyone for almost seven decades now. The circus has today perfected the circus performances in hockey arenas. They were the first one to perform in the northern regions of Canada at a time when there were no roads. Garden Brothers Circus are extremely popular for their superb and entertaining performances. Online Seats sell tickets to the circus at very reasonable and cheap prices.

The Garden Brothers Circus was taken forward by their sons to incredible heights. In 1949 one of the sons of William Garden, Ian Garden joined the circus as an equestrian. He presented many animal acts for many years. He made the circus an international hit. Ian along with his partner B. Elliot Abells from early 1970's to 1995 showcased the talent from around the globe. Garden Bros. Circus The Entertainment Giant! has performed in many countries including Canada, the United States and Bermuda. Garden Bros. Circus The Entertainment Giant! Is now run by the third generation of the family. Sons of Ian, Ian Garden Jr. and Richard Garden after completing their education have associated themselves with the circus and go on tours with it. Both the brothers today run the circus with great efficiency, learning a lot from their father and B. Elliot Abells.
The Garden Brothers Circus showcases many great and unbelievable circus stunts through a fleet of great performers who are masters of their respective fields. The circus host performances of many performers like Chase Garden, The Loveable Genie, The Black Stallions, Ian Garden Jr, Twisting Turning Tumblers, The Osorio Troupe, Miss Crina, The El Kashmir Troupe, The New Epoch Troupe, Raul Castano, Mind Boggling Artistry, Chase and the Pussy Cat Dolls, The Shen Yang Acrobats and many more.

Chase Garden is a junior ring master, magician and animal trainer. The Loveable Genie is John Kennedy Kane, born in New York. Kane was always interested in joining circus. He has been in show business for more than 25 years now. He has been associated with many circus in United States and Canada. Kane has been a ringmaster, clown, fire-eater and magician. In Garden Brothers Circus he portrays a lovable Genie. Kane once said " When I was a kid, my father would take me to Toronto to see Garden Bros. Circus at the old Maple Leaf Gardens. Now I am part of the show!"

Ian Garden Jr. is a ringmaster in the circus. He performs a two hour adventure filled with laughter and thrills. The excitement and memories will last for a lifetime.

Twisting Turning Tumblers is a traditional Chinese Hoops presented through exciting and energetic acrobatic exhibition.

Raul Castano, at the age if fourteen started as an animal trainer. Raul says " I refused to limit myself, I wanted to learn more and more . I began to learn magic, acrobatics, all I could and thats when it happened. With all the things that the circus offered, I realized that being a clown, performing comedy and making the world laugh does something magical. It only seemed natural to combine comedy with my immense love for animals. Clowns do something magical - no matter what age, they bring out the child within each meember of the audience.

The Garden Brothers Circus features the performances of all these and other great artist. Buy tickets as soon as possible from Online Seats.
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