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Gap Band is a funk and soul music group from United States of America. They earned lot of popularity in the 1970's and 1980's. The band consists of brothers Robert Wilson, Ronnie Wilson and Charlie Wilson. It was formed in 1967 with the name Greenwood, Archer and Pine Street Band in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But in 1979 the name was shortened to Gap Band . The concerts of the band are fun to watch and are very entertaining. You can buy tickets to their concerts from Online Seats.

In their formative years Gap Band mimicked many other musical greats like Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire and George Clinton. But in the 1980's the band developed their own different sound which brought them to the forefront as funk and soul music group. Most part of the 1970's was spent as backing musicians. In the middle of 1970's they recorded some minor albums. In 1979 they signed with Mercury Records with that followed lot of national success. On the soul charts the band soon hit the top position with Clinton-inspired humorous cut "I Don't Believe You Want to Get Up and Dance". They soon developed their own funky, electric sound which is found on their track ' Burn Rubber '. The ballad ' Yearning For Your Love ' and the piano ballad 'Nothing Comes to Sleepers' showed their songwriting development. Their first album was 'III'.

Their next album was IV released in 1982 and was their biggest hit. The album had ten crossover songs. Three of them were smash hits like ' Outstanding ', ' You Dropped A Bomb On Me ', and ' Early In the Morning '. the song ' You Dropped A Bomb On Me ' was the most notable and also inspired many other artist on numerous occasions. The 1980's was spent in lot of touring as funk band and maintained their success on the charts. Their songs ' Beep A Freak ', ' Big Fun ', ' Party Train ' and ' Going In Circles ' were regularly played on the Soul Radio. Charlie Wilson was now a different lead singers in soul music. He not only recorded for his band but also worked with other artist giving them hit numbers.
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But in 1990's the band witnessed downfall in the quality of their work mainly due to preference for other genres of music and also Charlie Wilson now became a alcohol and drug addict. But soon he was able to overcome his addictions. In 1996 Gap Band returned with national tour called Live and Well. Their success in performing continued for the rest of the decade though their recording was not that successful. 2000 saw the release of a solo album of Charlie Wilson . The album was a success and had two great ballads. It hit like ' Without You ' apart from a duet 'For Your Love.' with Marc Nelson.

In the current decade the work of Gap Band has been remixed by the new and young artist. Charlie Wilson still provide guest vocals for other artists. In 2005 he gave lead vocals for the hit ' Signs ' with Justin Timberlake and
Snoop Dogg. He is signed by Jive Records. He also recored a new CD Tiled ' Charlie, Last Name Wilson'. It has star cast constituting of modern producers like The Underdogs and R. Kelly.

Though the music critics never gave them rave reviews but today Gap Band has a high place in the history soul music. The band has given many memorable hits. Their work has influenced on the younger artists belonging to the hip-hop generation and as well as the classic soul radio.

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