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Background- Howard Beverly was so much influenced by the music of Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers that he changed his name and started calling himself Frankie Beverly. When he was twelve years old, he started singing gospel in the church. Frankie says, "like most black artists, I was influenced by going to church. You know, it was like anyone that could sing was featured in a Sunday program! So I did my share of solos in church...a lot of singing!" He carried his first professional singing with Silhouettes and toured with them for a year. He says "Before I ever joined the group, I knew that music was what I was meant to be doing so it was like a 'natural' thing for me to be performing," Frankie says. "But after a while, I started feeling like this real young guy with all these old guys and then I knew it was time for me to move on..."

He then formed the Blenders, which was influenced by The Dells, Moonglows and The Del Vikings. After the band dissolved, he formed The Butlers and recorded the their first album in the year 1963. After some time the name of the band was changed to Raw Soul. He was accompanied by Roame Lowry, McKinley Williams, and Sam Porter. The band after some time moved to California in the year 1971. Three more members joined the band. They released their first single "Open up Your Heart," under Eldorado Records.

"Jan came to see us and fell in love with what we were doing and a week or so later, Marvin Gaye was sitting there watching us do our thing! I can't describe how I felt," Frankie says, "because he was an idol of mine...and I couldn't believe he was checking us out!" Gaye like the song of the band so much that he invited the band to tour with him. It was Gaye who changed the name of the band to Maze. After that there was no looking back.
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Right from the year 1997, they produced thirty hit singles, out of which nine had been Top 10 R&B charted singles which includes the smashing hits "Running Away," "Love Is The Key," "Back In Stride," "Too Many Games," "Can't Get Over You," and "Silky Soul." Out of the ten albums, eight albums have turned out to be gold. In the year 1982, Frankie and his group gave an outstanding performance, in their first trip to the U.K. As Frankie says about the shows, "It was unbelievable to me! I was looking for black folks to be at the shows because that's basically who makes up our audiences here - and when I looked out there, I saw a crowd that was 99% white, grooving, digging our music...".

As Frankie reflects on his career, he says, "I guess beyond what we've done with Maze, the second thing I'm most proud of is that we've supported other artists. We were the first group to give Natalie Cole a chance during her comeback years (in the mid-'80s). We took Anita Baker out as our opening act on her first national tour and did the same thing with Regina Belle and Toni Braxton...and it makes me feel great to see how each of those artists has gone to have great success..."

Though Frankie has acquired stardom in the international level with his music, but basically he is a very down-to-earth person. "The biggest thing is being able to keep up with what people expect of us. My thing is trying never to let the people down. You know, I still get butterflies real bad before I go on stage but once I hit that stage, I'm ready. But I don't take anything for granted and I know you have to earn your wings everyday..."

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