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Franco De Vita is a singer and songwriter from Venezuela. He was born in Caracas and later migrated to Italy, he spent ten years of his life here. When he returned to South America he was 13 years old. He decided to study music after completing high school. He formed his first band and it was called "Corpus." He then was part of the band "Icaro," and also released an album in 1983.

He felt that his career would go more places if he became a solo artist. He took the step and debuted with his self-titled record which achieved gold and platinum status. His next album "Fantasía" was released in 1986, the album's hit single "Aqui Estas Otra Vez" reached the top of most music charts in Latin America. The very same year his song "Solo Importas Tú" was incorporated in the soundtrack of the popular opera "La Dama de Rosa."
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Franco then went on to record with Frankie Vali, the partnership resulted in the song "Sólo Palabras." The singer released "Al Norte del Sur" in 1988 and included the hit single called "Louis." His songwriting skills made him even more famous and his ability led him to work with the top talents in Latin music. He composed the music for Ricky Martin's 1999 movie "Vuelve." This talented artist will make your evening memorable, just come to any of his live performances and he will turn you into his fan instantly. To be at his concerts, just contact your on-line ticket vendor and get your tickets.


Stop & Algo Mas - 2005
Stop - 2004
Serie Top Ten - 2004
Segundas Partes Tambien ... - 2002
Serie 32: Franco De Vita - 2001
Serie Millennium 21 - 2000
Nada Es Igual - 1999
20th Anniversary - 1999
Fuera De Este Mundo - 1996
Voces A Mi Alrededor - 1993
Latin Stars Series - 1992
Extranjero - 1990
Al Norte Del Sur - 1989
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