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Fireball Ministry from Cincinnati is a stoner metal band. Band was formed in late 1990's and currently comprises of four members James A. Rota on guitar and vocals, drums by John Oreshnick, bass by Johny Chow and Emily Burton on guitar. Fireball Ministry have appeared with many other major stoner metal band such as Motorhead, Anthrax, Danzig, and Slayer. Band has garnered a wide fan following who love them seeing performing live. You can buy tickets for concerts of Fireball Ministry from Online Seats.

Although Cincinnati was town where rock n' roll was not that popular but it was their where Rota and Burton started their careers in late 1990's. Two musicians for fulfilling their dreams moved to New York and later to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles they met John Oreshnick. In 1999 the recorded their debut album titled in French 'Ou Est La Rock?' which means "Where is the rock?". Album was recorded on Bong Load Custom Records. Eight songs on album were The Man, Death Dealer, Levites, Two Tears, Guts, VIM and 665.
Former drummer of Megadeth, Nick Menza was a guest on two songs. Recording was supported with gigs alongside Nebula, Unida, and Danzig.

On 15th May , 2001 they released an album on Small Stone Records 'F.M.E.P.'. The group line up featured a new name of Fu Manchu bassist Brad Davis . Album produced by Nick Raskulinecz had three songs in addition to five covers. Songs on album were Maidens Of Venus, Fortunes, Cough/Cool, Victim Of Changes, King, Muscle Of Love, Movin' Out, and Choker.
Fireball Ministry then toured with Spirit Caravan and Fu Manchu giving some very spirited performances. In 2003 they were signed by American company of metal label Nuclear Blast of Germany.
For their second full length album in October, 2003 Fireball Ministry again worked with producer Raskulinecz.. The album was titled " The Second Great Awakening" and went on to become a very successful rock album of the year. The video Flatine became a regular on Headbanger's Ball. Track King was chosen by skateboarder Bam Margera of Jackass/Viva La Bam to come on his Viva La Bands compilation.

Following years they spent in touring united States of America. They toured with Andrew W.K, Anthrax, Dio, and Motorhead. Apart from touring they also engaged themselves with many gigs in their hometown with The Datsuns, Killswitch Engage, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Slayer, Danzig. Fireball Ministry performed in Europe as well with Uriah Heep, Blue Oyster Cult and CKY.

In 2005 a new member was added to their roster bassist Johny Chow. They along with producer Raskulinecz entered the Studio 606 West of Dave Grohl. More recordings were done at New Monkey Studios of late Elliott Smith. On 18th October, 2005 their third full length album was released as "Their Rock Is Not Our Rock". Album released on Liquor And Poker Music record label constituted of ten songs Under the Thunder, Rising from the Deep, Save the Saved, The Broken, Spill the Demons, It Flies Again, In the End, Hellspeak, Sundown and Two Tears. Cover of "Their Rock Is Not Our Rock" was designed by Keith Scharwath showed th definitive sound of Fireball Ministry with hooky harmonies, sneering riffs, driving rhythms, classic-rock sensibility and attractive choruses. Album received lot of praise and success.

Fireball Ministry tours a lot demonstrating their musical skills. Their tours are very popular and their fans are every ready for seeing them performing on stage. You can also be the one to see them live just buy tickets from us.
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