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Are you looking for some of the freshest sounds on the alternative rock scene? Are you looking to hear some truly cutting edge music from a band that has almost an entire nation at its feet? Then you need to get in gear and grab your tickets to see Canada's own Finger Eleven live in concert. The band has quietly established themselves as the high priests of the alternative music scene and has started to take the rest of the world by storm as well.

Needless to say alternative bands today are almost a dime a dozen and many of them have become almost as slick and pretty as the boy bands on MTV. So what makes Finger Eleven so special? Why is their sound so unique and how have they managed to garner such a die-hard and loyal fan following? To understand all this we need to get to the beginning. Finger Eleven has only undergone one member shift in its career and most of the members have known each other since high school. The band initially started out as a heavy metal band that had a definite funk swing to it but they have since moved onto a grungier sound that is what they continue to play to this day.

The name Finger Eleven has been the topic of many conversations and almost everybody has their own ideas as to what the name means. The name is not a euphemism for any body part but actually a bit of a song. It refers to that tiny voice in your head that tells you to head in one direction when everything around you tells you to head in the other. It is the voice of non-conformity, individuality and uniqueness that sings in everyone's hearts but which very few people listen to.
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Finger Eleven are also well known for the amazing rapport they have with their fans. The band actually maintains a phone through which they can have direct conversations with their fans, who can call in and talk about anything. The band also maintains meticulous diaries and notes on their experiences on the road, on stage and in the studio and these are posted on the website for the fans. Most notably, the band is especially appreciative of their hard-working street teams who are regularly treated with sound-check parties for their hard work.

For a band that paid its dues and played covers of everything from Frank Black to Depeche Mode, Finger Eleven has persevered, stuck to their guns and emerged as one of the most stunning new sounds on the alternative scene today. Don't miss your chance to see them live- get to your online ticket vendor today and order your tickets to see Finger Eleven live in concert.
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