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Filter is the alternative rock band that began as the duo of Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang in 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio. Filter tickets were available for a rock show, part industrial rock (thus the band's long association with Nine Inch Nails) and part stripped down grunge rock at the beginning of this group's existence.

The band became an unlikely success with its 1995 debut album Short Bus. The album owed much of its platinum-selling success to a single song, "Hey Man, Nice Shot." The song earned rave reviews from fans and created controversy for the apparent capitalization on the suicide of Budd Dwyer. Filter grew from the twosome to a full compliment of rock musicians as they headed out on tour to promote this album and live out the 1990s as rock gods.

By 1997 something was amiss and Liesegang left Filter. The group survived with Richard Patrick the creative force driving Filter. Filter came back to the studio to record Title of Record in 1999 after becoming a soundtrack mainstay. Title of Record once again gained the platinum nod from RIAA and peaked at number 30 in the Billboard 200. The album signaled a move away from the industrial rock sound that had paved their way to platinum in the first place. The move came out of musical growth, both of Patrick and of the music scene as a whole.

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Now firmly an alternative rock outfit with a number of musicians using their talents to express the voice and sound of Robert Patrick, Filter had one more shot before a four year break. The third studio album The Amalgamut came out in 2002 and had a promising showing on the Billboard 200 charts, but did not end well commercially. The album did not even reach Gold, Patrick entered rehab, and he began working with a series of supergroups instead of Filter material.

In 2008, Filter returned with Anthems for the Damned. The album had political undertones- a theme Patrick guaranteed would fade away in the future. The group also returned to their bread and butter, movie soundtracks. Songs for 2012 and the Stepfather reintroduced them to a whole new generation of rock fans. A greatest hits album came out in 2009 and Patrick went to work for another studio album.

The latest album, The Trouble with Angels, released on August 17, 2010 and has had a decent start, appearing on the Billboard 200 charts in its first week. Filter will definitely be touring to promote the album. Patrick remains the lead singer and a guitarist, Mike Fineo is the drummer, Rob Patterson is the guitarist, and Phil Buckman is the bassist. OnlineSeats will have the Filter tickets for this latest tour. Check the concert dates and seat locations to find the best seats at the best prices for the show closest to you.

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