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Figurines is an indie rock band from Denmark. Band formed in mid-1990's today comprises of four members bass by Andreas Toft, drums and percussion by Kristian Volden, Christian Hjelm on guitar and vocals and Claus Salling Johansen on guitar and backing vocals. Figurines is a young band but have established themselves in world of music. Tickets for their concerts are available with Online Seats at all prices.

Band was formed by three childhood friends namely Andreas Toft, Claus S. Johansen and Christian Hjelm. Figurines recorded their first EP titled 'The Detour' . They were soon signed by record label Morningside Records. Same year Kristian Volden joined them and completing the group's line-up.

In December of 2002 they started working on their first album ' Shake a Mountain'. The album was released in Denmark in April of 2003. While in spring of 2004 it was released in three other countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Song in album Bright became #1 on Danish Alternative Chart. Apart from Bright album had four other songs Celebrate The Deeds, Cursed Region, The Detour, and Building Up A Spine In 2003 they also performed for first time in the Roskilde Festival.
On 11th April 2005 Figurines released 'Skeleton' their second full length album. In June 2005 it was released in
Germany, Switzerland, and Austria on a German record label Pop-U-Loud. Album was recorded in two studious
Destruction Studios in Aarhus and Tambourine Studios in Malmö. 'Skeleton' was released with fourteen songs Release Me on the Floor, Continuous Songs, Wrong Way All the Way, Race You, I Remember, Ghost Towns, The Wonder, Silver Ponds, Other Plans, Fiery Affair, Back in the Day, Ambush, Rivalry, and All Night.
Songs The Wonder and Silver Ponds were very successful. While The Wonder for couple of weeks registered as #1 on Danish Alternative Chart Silver Ponds played for many times on national radio in Denmark.
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Figurines is formed by very talented musicians and came into existence lot of struggle. Bassist Andreas Toft at 10 had started playing guitar. Toft during his teen years met his future band mates Christian and Claus. Three friends started jamming and recording songs just for fun. But in mid 1990s trio got serious and formed Figurines.
In its initial days band just had three guitarist. With guitar and guitar amps they started rehearsing at their local school. At that time band was devoid any bass amplifier. Toft used to play on borrowed basses. With passing of time they got a permanent place for rehearsing. Figurines soon started playing in concerts near their native town of Aalborg. But the band still did not have their bass. You will be surprised to know that bass tracks in their first album were recored on a borrowed bass from a youth club where they used to rehearse. They finally got their bass when recording for ' Shake a Mountain'.

In 2004 a special edition of "Shake a Mountain" was released " "Shake a Mountain SE". It was released on Pop-U-Loud and aimed at markets in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Album was given a new cover artwork with twelve songs Divided By The Shore, Whatever You Found, When We Hit The Ground, The Detour, Bright (video), Shake a Mountain, Cursed Region, Follow The Pioneers, Hold The Flank, Debate Because It's Over, Bright and The Danger.

In 2006 an edition of "Skeleton" was released on The Control Group an American record company. Album had same tracks as earlier album but with new cool cover artwork.
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