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Fenix TX is an American band of four guys. They are a band of half-Hispanic, half-Caucasian and had earlier named it as Riverfenix, in 1995, Houston. The band consists of bassist Adam Lewis and drummer Damon DeLaPaz , vocalist/guitarist Will Salazar and guitarist Chris Lewis.They released an EP, G.B.O.H., and an album, Riverfenix, on independent record labels, and had to change their name because of cease and desist order from the estate of actor River Phoenix and named their band as Fenix TX. They, then signed with major label MCA Records in 1999. On MCA, they released two further albums, 1999's Fenix*TX and 2001's Lechuza, which collectively sold over 600,000 units. Their next album "Speechless" and "All My Fault" made their audience frenzy and it found its way into heavy rotation on radio stations all over the country. "All My Fault" also fuelled the hearts of MTV viewers, with a video in rotation and prominent placement on the soundtrack for MTV's original movie "Jailbait". Soon after, FENIX*TX found itself placed in the Billboard Top 200 and Billboard Heatseekers charts and earned the admiration of thousands of fans from world all over.

But they were not like the other bands who love to sit back and bask in the glory. After doing shows at radio and television, Fenix* TX took to the road in the year 1999 and 2000 and tried to reach as many humans as possible through their music. Within a short span of time, Fenix*TX merged in a jaunt to jolly ol' England, dates throughout Europe, a featured slot on the blink-182/Bad Religion Summer '00 tour, and a headlining tour of their own in the fall of '00, as well as other dates too numerous to mention.
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After a gap of five years the band is back with their first new recording, Lechuza and it is the title of their long-awaited sophomore release. Lechuza is the spanish word for "owl". Actually, Lechuza is the legend of a half-witch, half-owl, an evil creature that searches for children who dares to whistle it back and swoops the child vanishing mysteriously. With this album, the band has returned this time with a hard-hitting, heavier sound and it will astonish those who had thought that the band pegged. They promise you that it's going to be different from what they did before and it will be more interesting and rollicking this time.

But the band has made some changes here and there, with former guitarist Damon moving from the front line to a position on drums. Replacing Damon on guitar is James Love and is known for producing heart-stopping, hair band worthy, over-the-top guitar solos. Willie Salazar is the vocalist as well as the guitarist and for the first time bassist Adam Lewis lends his vocal styling to the record.

What makes them stand apart from other bands is their blend of loud, fast punk aggression and the poppy melodies. The most favorite among their audiences are "Minimum Wage", "All My Fault", "Surf Song." and "Apple Pie Cowboy Toothpaste".

So book your tickets, and watch them perform just infront of your eyes.
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