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Fear Factory happens to an American industrial metal/ death metal band that records the honor of having toured with Black Sabbath, Pantera, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Dream Theater and Rammstein. They have also performed at three Ozzfests and inaugural Gigantour, and had singles in the Mainstream Rock Top 40 and albums in the Billboard Top 40, 100 and 200.
In 1989, the band Fear Factory was formed under the name Ulceration in Los Angeles, California by ex-guitarist Dino Cazares and drummer Raymond Herrera. "Ulceration" was not picked for any real reason other than that Burton C. Bell and/or other members thought it would "just be a cool name" for the band. They then renamed to Fear Factory in 1990. Fear Factory have been making waves in both the American death metal and industrial metal scenes since their debut album, Soul of a New Machine 1992. Although the album was not successful in the mainstream. Undeterred, the band embarked on extensive touring across the U.S. with Biohazard, Sepultura, and Sick Of It All and over Europe with Brutal Truth.
The next year was marked with the introduction of Front Line Assembly member Rhys Fulber to remix some songs to create Fear Is the Mindkiller 1993. The following year in 1994, bassist Andrew Shives was compelled to leave the band. In the same year, bassist Christian Olde Wolbers met the band whilst vacationing in LA and agreed to assist them with their next recording, Demanufacture (1995), which went on to become a highly successful album. The album received much critical acclaim receiving the maximum five k's rating kerrang! magazine.
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Fear Factory spent the next few years touring with such bands as Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Iron Maiden. They also appeared at Ozzfests '96 and '97, amongst other festivals. The band released a new album composed of Demanufacture remixes by artists such as DJ Dano or Junkie XL (now known as JXL) called Remanufacture in May 1997, closely followed in July 1998 by their new album, Obsolete, cancelling an appearance at the Dynamo Open Air Festival to finish the album sooner. Wasting no time, they hit the road with Slayer and then began another tour with Rammstein. They were in headlines for the second stage at Ozzfest '99 as last-minute replacements for Judas Priest.

Fear Factory songs tend to explore the idea of "Man versus Machine". This is most clearly exemplified in the album Obsolete, which is itself a story taking place in a world where mankind is rendered "obsolete" by the Machines. Concerning this album, lead singer Burton C. Bell explained:

"The concept of this record is that man is obsolete. The idea is still man versus machine - man versus the system machine... man versus the government machine. Demanufacture told a story, Remanufacture was another chapter in the story and Obsolete is another part of the Fear Factory concept. We're up to the point in the story where man is obsolete. Man has created these machines to make his life easier but in the long run it made him obsolete. The machines he created are now destroying him. Man is not the primary citizen on Earth. However I personally like cars."

Due to some unresolvable personal differences between band members, Bell announced his exit in March 2002, and the band disbanded immediately. However, the band reformed later that year the guitarist Dino Cazares was missing form the band. Bassist Christian Olde Wolbers took over guitar duties and they hired Byron Stroud on bass, currently bassist of the bands Strapping Young Lad and Zimmer's Hole. In January 2004, with Australia/New Zealand Big Day Out festival the band made their live return as the mystery band, followed by their first American shows since reforming on the spring J├Ągermeister tour along with Slipknot and Chimaira. The new lineup's first album Archetype was released in spring 2004 through new record label Liquid 8 Records based in Minnesota. Their second, Transgression, was released on the 22nd August 2005 in the United Kingdom, and on the following day in North America.
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