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If you wish to savor the essence of the eclectic music of Jimi Hendrix in an evening then you must definitely be there at Experience Hendrix concert. The legendary Hendrix was a person who was very well known for his unique wisdom of fashion, a person who strived to perfect his hair style and also his wardrobe, almost to the point of being obsessed with the fashion. The set of hair curlers was just one of the few fashion accessories that he carried with him to England on a tour. When his very first advance check arrived, this man straight away took to the streets of London searching for cloths at vague fashion haunts. His fashion often professed his support for the trendy hippie movement and also his fascination for popular folk singer Bob Dylan.

Yes we are talking about Jimi Hendrix, one of the greatest rock singers of all times. Born as James Marshall Hendrix (on the November 27, 1942), he was better known as Jimi. He was an American singer, musician, songwriter, and a talented guitarist. Jimi if often hailed by critics and music fans alike, as the greatest and most important electric guitarist in the rock music history. Jimi rose to worldwide fame in the year 1967 when he played at the Monterey Pop Festival, then called the iconic 1969 Woodstock Festival.
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Experience Hendrix is the best of Jimi Hendrix that his fans always love. The best of music, the best of lyrics and the best of style is how we can define this. An outstanding and previously unreleased snap of Jimi Hendrix adorns the 1998 greatest hits collection. It is the best selling Experience Hendrix release till now. The experience Hendrix is the name of this very eagerly awaited tour which is marked as an attribute to this great singer and rock star. A self leaned musician, left handed Hendrix use to play a right handed "Fender Stratocaster" guitar which he used to turn upside down and had re-strung to suit him. As an innovative and talented rock guitarist, Jimi exploited the sonic tools of distortion and feedback to such an extent that earlier people could never achieve. Jimi built upon the influences and innovations of blues stylists for instance Albert King, B.B. King and Buddy Guy. He also derived style from rhythm, soul and blues guitarists Cornell Dupree and Curtis Mayfield. He used the styles of traditional jazz as well. Before forming his own rock band in 1966, Hendrix was too inspired by rock music pioneer Little Richard, as he had toured in Richard's back up band "The Up setters". In the year 2003, Rolling Stone named Jimi Hendrix number one on its list of "100 greatest guitarists of all times".

The Jimi Hendrix Experience performed at London's Royal Albert Hall on February 18 and February 24, in the year 1969. These were the two sold out concerts and also became the last British appearance of the band. The legend never dies; people still love their hero, Jimi. The "experience" will go on and the time will only make the great rock star even greater. The experience is a way of offering a tribute and showing your love to the great guitarist of all times. Do not miss this for anything; book your tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment later. Online booking is also open now.