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The first thing you think is, 'Hey, this is tight, spry and fun. Sure, they mope a bit, but the hooks are so lip-smackin' yummy that they won't make me blue.' Then you learn a little bit about the band, so you think, 'My God, they're young!!' And then it all starts making sense. Alternating between mid-tempo Post-Grunge (e.g., their 1998 mega-hit 'Inside Out') and Punk-Pop that rushes at you like a pack of mad dogs, this is so-catchy-it-hurts music for the kid in all of us that won't embarrass you or your loved ones.

This young US alternative rock band was formed and subsequently signed by RCA Records while guitarist Jon Siebels (b. 28 August 1979, La Crescenta, California, USA) and bass player Max Collins (b. 27 August 1978, La Crescenta, California, USA) were still at high school. The line-up was completed by drummer Tony Fagenson (b. 18 July 1978, Detroit, Michigan, USA), son of producer Don Was. The single 'Inside Out' announced their pop punk style, compared by some critics to Green Day. Their subsequent self-titled debut album was promoted by extensive touring with Third Eye Blind, and within a few months of release had risen to number 33 on the Billboard Top 200. Their second single, 'Leech', was written by Siebels and Collins about a problematic work relationship. It was typical of material dubbed by critics as 'superior brat rock'. They played the same card again with Horroscope, which peaked at one position lower in the US chart.
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Eve 6 recorded the album in Los Angeles at Sound City and Chomsky Ranch, New York at Electric Lady and predominately in Seattle at Stepping Stone, the home of Don Gilmore--an admired engineer turned producer who had previously worked with the likes of X and John Doe. Wanting to get away from the pressure of recording in their hometown, the band spent several weeks in the Northwest city, where they won over new fans with a number of acclaimed local live club appearances.

'With every show we discover a different type of person that likes our music. It seems to have a very diverse appeal,' observes Tony. 'Hopefully others will be able to connect with our music and understand what we are about,' adds Jon.

'Inspire me,' sings Max in 'Small Town Trap,' the final song on the album and a paean to making something of yourself. ' Something's gonna happen soon/ Because it must.'
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