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Emperor is one of Norway's most popular black metal groups. In fact, they are regarded as the revolutionary band that has given Norway's black metal industry a new lease of life. Before their arrival Norway was often known for its cartoonishly violent black metal. Norway's black metal industry was just trying to get a change from the prevailing anti-Christian treatment of the existing black metal artists. A change was mandatory as fans of the genre was regularly decreasing. It was inevitable as all the fans were fed up with the monotonous anti-Christian sentiment. Thanks to the arrival of Emperor. Emperor cut out novel form of expression in their music. Although the group's music was violent and furious, yet they incorporated darkly majestic melodies in their work. Norwegian folk and classical music made its entry into the black metal genre only with the works of Emperor. They not only included frigid loneliness of bleak Scandinavian winters in their projects but also evoked only Satanic horror. Perhaps, that is the reason they are one of Norway's most loved and most celebrated black metal bands till date. Numerous tour events are lined up for the band to perform in the upcoming months. If you are willing to watch an Emperor live concert to experience the black metal grandeur, it's better to order your tickets now. It's because Emperor has always been attracting a huge number of audience in their concerts. Embark on us. We are presently offering premium tickets for Emperor concerts at very reasonable price. Don't think twice before you place your order with us.
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Emperor's original lineup was consisted of bassist Mortiis, guitarist/vocalist//keyboardist Ihsahn, and drummer Samoth. In late 1992, the trio recorded "Wrath of the Tyrant", a demo. Soon drummer Faust aka Bard G. Eithun joined the band and Samoth switched to guitar. With the band Enslaved, they recorded a split EP entitled "Hordanes Land". But unfortunately, Mortiis left the band for unspecified reasons. Morris went to Sweden where he concentrated on his solo career. New bassist Tchort made his entry into the group. In 1994, the band released " Nightside Eclipse" which became a huge hit and the band got the much needed recognition. But things were just against the band. While Samoth was convicted of arson, Faust was locked up for burglary, murder and arson, following his stabbing of a homosexual. Moreover, Tchort was sentenced to jail because of burglary, knife assault, and desecration.

After Samoth's parole, Emperor was re-united with former Enslaved drummer Trym and new bassist Alver. In 1996, the re-united Emperor group released a three-track EP entitled "Reverence". Alvert quit the band soon afterwards leaving Samoth and Ihsahn to split bass chores on record. Session keyboardist Charmand Grimloch and bassist Tyr began touring with Emperor to fill the holes. In 1999, Emperor released its third album entitled "IX Equilibrium".

Till date Emperor has released many albums. Among some of the band's most popular albums mention may especially made of "Emperial Live Ceremony", "Emperial Vinyl Presentation", "In the Nightside Eclipse", "Hordanes Land", "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk", "Wrath of the Tyrant" and "IX Equilibrium".

In the upcoming months, Emperor is going to perform at various places all across Norway. They are also scheduled to perform in many cities in the U.S.A. If you are really interested to watch an Emperor live concert, you should order your tickets now. Tickets for the Emperor show is already on sale on our site. Simply put your order. We will deliver you the tickets right at your doorsteps.
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