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As the popularity of the band increased, they were signed on by one of the biggest production companies called Tooth & Nail Records. With this production company, Emery released their first full length-album titled "The Weak's End" in January 2004. The album became a rage and the band proved that they were not weak but very strong contenders for the top spot. The tracks "The Ponytail Parades", "As Your Voice Fades" and "The Secret" became instant hits, and it was no longer a secret that the band was unlike any other band ever to enter the genre of hardcore music.

The year 2005 saw the band embark on their first tour, titled Grab Your Guns Tour. The tour was from September 13, 2005 to November 5, 2005. The other legendary bands on tour were He Is Legend, Gatsby's American Dream, Gym Class Heroes and As Cities Burn. Soon after the tour, the band released their next album titled "The Question", and it put an end to any questions regarding the success of the band. The title of the album answers the question printed on the back of the CD jewel case i.e." Where Were You When I Was…" The answers can be found in the tracks"In a Lose, Lose Situation" , "In a Win, Win Situation". The album became a huge success and the sales topped 1, 20000 units.

The spring of 2006 saw the band in a one on one interaction with their fans in the tour co-headlined the Tooth and Nail Tour with their label mates Anberlin. In late 2006 they performed on the Nintendo Fusion Tour with other great bands like Hawthorne Heights, Relient K, Plain White T's and The Sleeping. Also in 2006 the album, "The Question" was re-released with five acoustic versions of previously recorded songs, two new demo tracks and a DVD.

As the fans are waiting eagerly for the release of the band's next album, the news from the band is that they are in the process of recording their next album. Grab your copy as soon as it hits the stands.

1. The Columbus EEP Thee – 2002
2. The Weak's End – 2004
3. The Question – 2005
4. The Question, Re-release – 2006
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The band Emery is the emperor of hardcore rock. Their genre of music has also been christened as "melodic hardcore". This title puts the band in a class of their own. The term "melodic hardcore" suggests that there music is not just a mix of hardcore elements but the music also has a special touch of melody. Another special quality of the band is their ability to switch from heaven/hell and melody/brutality contrasts. In one song, their music ranges from sweet melodies to the sounds of heavy metal. What sets them apart from other hardcore bands is the fact that while other bands play only heavy rock, Emery's music varies from melodious to heavy rock.

This amazing band was formed in South Carolina in 2001. All the members of the band had one goal in mind when they formed the band. Their primary aim was to make a successful career in music and not just play music as a hobby. The band released their first independent EP titled "The Columbus EEP Thee" in 2002. The singles "It Always Depends", "The Walls" and "Shift" were huge hits and the band started with a bang on their journey towards success.
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