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Born in Watts Hill area of Rural Tennessee, situated near the town of Mt. Pleasant, Elvis Wade is a well known musical figure today. His real name was Wade Cummings. He was born in a family which didn't have much money. His father, a former moonshiner arranged Elvis everything for his musical career although he didn't have much money. The family was very rich as far as musical background was concerned. Folk tradition of the South was throughly found in the blood of the family. Both of Elvis's father and mother could play as many as 17 musical instrumnents. They had a family of 9 members of which Elvis was the youngest. Elvis is undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians and entertainers of all time. Elvis Wade concerts are a gem to watch out for. Are you an Elvis Wade fan? Have you ever attended an Elvis Wade concert anywhere in the country? If not, it's the best time for you to order your tickets as in the coming months Elvis Wade is going to perform all across the country. For tickets don't worry. You can buy online tickets from us. We have years of experience in this business and many people are buying tickets from us. When you order an Elvis Wade concert ticket from us, you can expect to get the best rate available in the market.

Elvis Wade was a great fan of the famous Elvis Presley. Elvis first saw Presley performing live at the "Ed Sullivan Show." Elvis would always accompanied his uncle to the neighborhood taverns so that he could enjoy the music out there. When there was an Elvis Presley show he somehow managed to attend the show and cheer up for his favorite performer. Even Elvis tried to mimic Presley for his style.

When Elvis was 13, he joined his first band for which he played the rhythm guitar. Shifting from guitar, Elvis soon became the lead singer of the band. As a lead singer he also used to play the bass guitar for the band. The name of the band for which Elvis used to perform was called "Wade and the Nationals". The band soon became very famous and they were a regular performer at the nightclubs. Among the band members Elvis was the center of attraction. Many people came to watch the band's performance only because of Elvis.
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Later, Elvis joined the show band called " Lafayette and Les Sabres". He performed for the band as the lead singer. He was proved successful for the band with a powerful 4 octave range. Besides, he contributed vocal impressions on some cover tunes of Frankie Valli, Gary Puckett, Gene Pitney, Buddy Holly, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison and of course...Elvis Presley.

In 1976, when Elvis Wade was performing was performing live the great Elvis Presley was himself present at the show. When Elvis finished his performance, Presley stood up and gave the singer a standing ovation. Presley later told Elvis that he was a very talented singer who should explore his music more than he did before. In 1977, Presley died and Elvis Wade's demand was increased more than ever. In 1984, Elvis Presley's step-mother contacted Elvis Wade to join the "Tribute to Elvis" tour . Dee Presley said about the show "I recommend his show to truly be the finest tribute to Elvis". In 1986, the Jordanaires contacted Elvis Wade to perform with them for an international tour. Elvis Wade went on an international tour with them besides performing for another 12 years with them .

Today also Elvis Wade performs regularly for his fans. If you are one of his fans and want to experience his live concert you can buy your tickets from us. But don't forget to place your order on our secured server as son as possible.
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