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Elvis Crespo is a famous Puerto Rican Merengue singer. He was born on the 30th of July, 1971 in New York City, New York. Funnily he was named as "Elvis" following the name of hugely popular American singer Elvis Presley. When he was a small kid, he along with his mother moved to Caguas, Puerto Rico. This was the place where Crespo spent his early childhood and most of his adolescent years. In Merengue music he is considered a pop idol.

From the early age of six, Crespo went on to serve a long apprenticeship. In the year 1988 he launched his career, as a new member of the Willie Berrios Orchestra. Then next he spent two years with the Lenny Perez Orchestra and next six years with the Tono Rosario Orchestra.

Crespo left Rosario's group in the year 1994. Crespo then went on to briefly attend the Metropolitan University of Puerto Rico. He used to study business administration there. However an invitation to join Grupo Mania was tempting enough for him to discontinue his studies and so he joined mania Grupo leaving his college studies. Upon joining the popular Latin band, he went on to write and also sang their hit song, "Linda Es". However he left the group after about three years with the aim of solely concentrating on his solo career.
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His solo debut album released in 1998, Suavemente, managed to reach the top slot on the Billboard's "National Hot Latin Top 40", and churned out two record breaking singles namely "Tu Sonrisa" and the title track "Suavemente". Crespo went on to receive Billboard awards for "the Latin album of the year," and "the male artist of the year,". Also he won the "group or duet of the year" and "the song of the year."

As a solo artist singing during a Stateside "Latin pop" boom which has many Spanish-speaking stars to move more toward English vocals, this legendary singer has managed to set sales records internationally. And all this with original songs performed totally in Spanish. Although most of these buyers are Spanish speaking people, but other people who don't understand the lyrics of the song responded to the driving salsa blend of the melodies. Next in the year 2005, he recorded a Spanish English version of his previously hit song "Suavemente". This song was for the soundtrack of the American film, Dance with Me.

His next album "Wow Flash!" is Crespo's third solo recording for his long time ally Sony Music. So if all you people want to listen to some real good Puerto Rican music then gear yourself up. Book your tickets now for the big show. Also online booking is available.
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