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Elephant Man whose original name is O'Neil Bryant is a singer from Jamaica. He was born on 11th September, 1976 in Kingston. Elephant man has been nicknamed The Energy God. He is one of the most vibrant and entertaining personality in the music industry today and the most colorful characters on the dance hall. He started his career in music as the member of Scare Dem Crew. Elephant man first gained international acclaim when he and Puma settled for an agreement for using his song called All Out for their 2004 commercial campaign of Olympics. You can very easily buy tickets for his concerts from us.

Elephant Man does not have any dull moment in his dictionary. One can say he has got loads of energy which can be seen in whatever he does- whether he is deejaying behind or in front of thousands of concerts viewers his energy is never gets exhausted. He has is own individual trademark the yellow orange hair, his outlandish jewelery and his custom designed ride. Apart from these his signature words are "You know how we roll"!.
When on stage Elephant Man is a windstorm of energy. You can see him jumping high in the air, running from stage's one end to another in order to express himself to his people and also climbing on monitors. He says his energy allows him to give absolute satisfaction on stage and calls it as a "part of his gift". In the Dancehall night at ReggaeSumfest '98 he was the most spectacular when he climbed on the television crane. He did this because he thought it would provide him with a sweet and jolly ride. Without missing the beat he was performing high above the viewers.
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He got the name of Elephant at the age of 13 due to his larger than average ears by the member of Scare Dem Crew, Crack Skull. Till he reached the stage of manhood the name got extended to Elephant Man. At the age of 15 he was determined to become a deejay and used to beat rhythms and rhymes on his school desk. Crack Scull first took him to his studio and asked him develop his musical talent. But Elephant Man gives credit to Bounty Killer for launching his career. Killer encouraged four other performers to fuse their individual talent in one main entity. Boom Dandimite, Nitty Kutchie, Harry Toddler and Elephant Man formed the Scare Dem Crew. The group immediately became popular with their staccato dee-jaying styles and soft voice of the singer Nitty Kutchie.

Elephant Man career has been very enviable. He has performed as the member of Scare Dem Crew in many major shows in Europe, Caribbean and America. He is known to provide same opportunities to other upcoming younger talents through producing and mentoring. He regards this as a way of enhancing music and stay connected in the music industry.

However Elephant Man in his career faced some criticism for using lyrics encouraging violence against the gay people. In his career he released four albums. His debut album was Comin 4 u in 2000. Other albums were Log On, Higher Level, Good 2 Go and latest being the Over Di Wall released in 2006. In the early 2006 he had a song Willie Bounce which appeared on many Mixtapes. Recently Elephant Man was signed by label Bad Bot Entertainment of New York.

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