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Electric Six are a rock band that were formerly known as the Wildbunch. The band blends the elements of disco, punk, metal and new wave to create a mix that has given hits like "Danger! High Voltage." The track was ranked number two on the British charts in 2003.

The band was formed by singer Dick Valentine along with is friends bassist Disco, Guitarists Rock and Roll Indian, Surge Joebot and drummer M. They officially became a band in 1996 and called themselves the Wildbunch.
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The released their debut single "I Lost Control." This was followed by an eight track, "An Evening With the Many Moods of the Wildbunch's Greatest Hits...Tonight!" in the same year. The group switched their label, they went to Flying Bomb and released singles like 1997's "The Ballade of MC Sucka DJ," the Christmas single "Flying Bomb Surprise Package, Vol. 1." In 2001, they released "Danger!High Voltage," which became an instant underground hit in the UK.

This band then signed up with XL and re-recorded their hit album "Danger! High Voltage." This time they added backing vocals from the Jack White of the White Stripes. In 2003, the band renamed themselves as "Electric Six" and went on to issue their full-length debut album "Fire." This album achieved reasonable success. A few weeks later Rock, Disco, Roll Indian and Surge quit the band, they were replaced by Frank Lloyd Bonaventure, The Colonel and Johnny Na$hinal. Their have a lot to offer, they are a promising young band. To get a dose of their music, simply contact your on-line ticket vendor and get your tickets.


Senor Smoke - 2005
Radio Ga-Ga - 2004
Fire - 2003
Danger! High Voltage - 2003
Fire - 2003
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