Electric Daisy Carnival Tickets for Sale

Electric Daisy is possibly one of the largest music festivals in the world, and most certainly one of the largest in the area of dance and electronica. This should come as little surprise. Dance music has caught the whole world by storm since 2008 or so when some huge named artists such as DJ Tiesto broke records. When pop and dance crossed over once again, dance was right there in the spotlight of the mainstream music scene.

Now it seems that dance music cannot be avoided, and Electric Daisy has moved around the world multiple times a year to provide the best in the genre in one giant event. This summer it is being held in Las Vegas. The Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas will feature well over 100 acts performing their blend of dance, techno, ambient, and electronica for tens of thousands of fans.

The event only dates back a few years. It began as a Puerto Rican festival in 2009, until promoters got hold of it and created it into a global phenomenon. But by 2014, most artists in the genre are aware of how big and how much fun it can truly be. 

So who is in the current line-up. It begins big with artists such as Alex Kidd and 12th Planet delivering their mix of sensational R&B infused electronica. From there, Electric Daisy is hoping to bring some additional attention to some artists on the cusp of a huge breakout. Borgore has been in the business for many years, as has Destructo that both have a number of records and remixes under their belt.

Of course, the festival always attracts some huge names. Diplo is a festival mainstay. Erix Prydz is popular for his huge 80's remixes, and Julio Blackmore has created a massive trail of attention through his dizzying stage shows. Througha rtists both mainstream and udnerground, the festival is a smash.