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In 1971, where El Tri received more than 300,000 fans, they participated in Avándaro festival (mexican Woodstock), a concert that made history in Mexico, same as the formation of the band. The music of this band reached all the points of Mexico, becoming a social phenomenon, opening their way to every kind of people and social classes. They decided to change their name to El Tri, after 15 years of trajectory, as their fans always called them.

In 1985 they win their first gold CD (being the first ever gave to a mexican rock band) for their album "Simplemente", from where their first single comes: "Triste canción de amor". In 1986, invading the first place at radio charts, opening the way to receive El Tri at 2 concerts in Plaza de Toros Acho, their theme "Vicioso del rocanrol" became a total hit in Peru, and going back one year later for a tour in 7 cities of that country. In the same year the band was invited by Miguel Ríos to participate in the First Iberoamerican Rock Encounter at the Sports Palace of Madrid, Spain; next to the most representative bands of countries like Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and Spain.

The United States have also been an important part of their career, since they have had many presentations in New York, Chicago, Houston, and all around the state of California, at Fillmore in San Francisco, and principally in the city of Los Angeles, having presentations in places such as Sports Arena, The Olympic Auditorium, Pico Rivera, The Palace, The Hollywood Palladium, The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, and more. In New York their presentations were a success in the "Roseland", with 2 consecutive sold-outs.
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Formulated by Alex Lora, from Mexico City, El Tri is Mexican Rock en Español band. Dated back to the late 1960s, the band was antecedently known as "Three Souls in my Mind". Three Souls in My Mind, primitively united of Alejandro Lora on bass and lead vocals, Sergio Mancera on lead guitar, and Carlos Hauptvogel on the drums. There are inputs on some albums by Arturo Labastida on saxophone and Carlos Martinez on the trumpet. Ernesto de Leon also played the guitar on some albums. Before, they formally changed their name and lineup in 1985, they released some 15 albums on the Denver record label. A part of the burgeoning Mexican rock movement, Three Souls had ties to rock's African American roots, the U.S. counterculture, and then-globalizing recording industry. Three Souls mostly sang covers of American rock and blues songs, as rock in Mexico was originally seen as "unauthentic" when sung in Spanish. They, however, crossed over, singing first in English, then in Spanish at the Festival de Avándaro, often called "Mexico's Woodstock". They recorded primarily in Spanish, writing most of their own songs, as they believed that it was important for the audience to understand the messages of the songs. Ever-changing attitude toward rock forced the band to perform in the "hoyos fonquis", where the lower classes held semi-chaotic rock shows. Lora's songs reflected more of the reality of the daily lives of average Mexicans, at the same time, it allowed concert goers to forget their troubles. Singing in his original language and for a new, enterprising, youthful, and rebellious audience, Lora gave his own identity to Mexican rock & roll, becoming its excogitation.
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